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Keep Food Fresh with the Avalon Bay FoodSealer200B Vacuum Sealer for Food Storage from Air & Water! + 20% Off Coupon Code!

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Want your favorite foods to stay fresh up to five times longer? The Avalon Bay FoodSealer200B Vacuum Sealer makes it easy to preserve the flavor and nutritional value of whole ingredients or fully prepared meals. You can put anything from pre-frozen stews to veggies in a BPA-free bag, pop it in the sealer, and vacuum seal it up tight at the touch of a button.

The Vacuum Sealer That Gives You Options
The FoodSealer200B offers several types of vacuum sealing with one convenient appliance. Use ready-made storage bags to vacuum seal and store a range of ingredients for future use -depending on the bag, you can fit everything from a bag of flour to frozen berries for a pie. You can also use a roll of BPA-free bag material to make your own custom-sized bags to reduce waste and maximize your storage space. There's even a universal canning port for those who have vacuum-sealing jar accessories.

Easy to Use Thanks to Thoughtful Design
Whether you're a new cook or a pro at food preservation, Avalon Bay's FoodSealer200B makes it simple to store just about anything. This food sealer has three easy command buttons to seal, vacuum or cancel any command. The vacuum function automatically detects when it's finished and creates the seal at that moment to take the guesswork out of closing your bags. This food sealer machine also comes with a handy bag roll dispenser and integrated cutter to save you time, and there's even built-in cord storage to keep things neat when you're done.

The Best Vacuum Sealer for Meal Prep
Avalon Bay's food vacuum sealer does more than just keep food fresh and protected from freezer burn for longer. It also makes home cooking so much quicker. It's the perfect way to divide up leftovers from Sunday dinner for perfectly proportioned lunches later in the week. Work ahead to make sure your family gets home-cooked meals on busy nights by making boil-in-bag soups and stews ahead of time. It's also perfect for more advanced cooks who want to give sous vide cooking a try. Using your vacuum sealer for sous vide allows you to keep your meals at the ideal temperature in the bag so you get everything on the table piping hot.

Ready to Use Right Away
The FoodSealer200B doesn't require any special setup to use -it even comes with a starter roll of bags, so you can plug it in and go. It's also easy to clean and usually requires only a wipe-down with a moist cloth to keep it functioning at its best. This model lets you expand your vacuum sealing repertoire with additional food sealer accessories and canisters, too. Once you get hooked on vacuum sealing, you won't be able to live without it!

My Review:
Keep food fresh with the Avalon Bay FoodSealer200B Vacuum Sealer for food storage from Air & Water! As a mom of 4 I buy food in bulk because, to be perfectly honest if I didn't I'd be making daily runs to the grocery store and frankly just don't have time for that. Another perk to buying food in bulk is the savings. For instance my local grocery store sells bananas for a dollar for a large bag that are beginning to ripen. I tend to freeze my bananas anyway because I use them for smoothies so this really works out well for me. What wasn't working out for me was freezing them in regular zip bags because they would all too often become freezer burnt ruining a perfectly good smoothie. 

The Avalon Bay FoodSealer200B Vacuum Sealer is exactly what I needed! I can now buy just about anything in bulk and keep it fresh for just about as long as I need to. My bananas stay fresh and my smoothies no longer taste freezer burnt because the Avalon Bay FoodSealer200B Vacuum Sealer not only removes the air, but it seals the bag better than any zip bag on the market! Another wonderful thing about the Avalon Bay FoodSealer200B Vacuum Sealer is that now I can place all my smoothie ingredients in the bag and seal it. Then, when I'm ready to make my smoothie, I simply dump everything out the bag and blend it up. The Avalon Bay FoodSealer200B Vacuum Sealer saves me time, money and helps foods taste better and fresher than ever! I also love how easy the Avalon Bay FoodSealer200B Vacuum Sealer is to use. It's a phenomenal product and I highly recommend it! 

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