Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Little AmazingConcealer Review

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n 1999 Sue Katz and Lisa Thurman took a longtime friendship to the next level as business partners when they founded AmazingCosmetics. With a shared passion for makeup the pair had always felt that a woman's complexion should not just be treated in the skin care process but with her cosmetics as well. They agreed that with a perfect canvas, every woman can go without much else and still look flawless. So when they found themselves constantly disappointed by their concealers, a complexion necessity, they decided to combine their business sense and makeup knowledge and pioneer their own brand starting with the AmazingConcealer. Little could Sue and Lisa know that their online startup company would grow to change the faces of women around the world and the face of cosmetics forever.

A Little AmazingConcealer

A Little AmazingConcealer

The AmazingConcealer, in travel size. AmazingConcealer is a full coverage, water-proof concealer that makes all skin imperfections disappear. Travel size is .2 fl. oz. (6 ml).

AmazingConcealer has a complexion-perfection, highly-pigmented formula that gives a natural-looking finish and full coverage for everything from dark circles to blemishes.

Now available in 20 Amazing Shades, AmazingConcealer provides full coverage without the feeling of wearing any makeup at all. Its high-performing, water-resistant technology covers every skin imperfection including: dark circles, broken capillaries, redness, blemishes, sun damage and more. The favorite of professional makeup artists, celebrities and enthusiasts from around the world, AmazingConcealer is considered the "magic-eraser" that will transform your skin, into amazing skin.

My Review:
I love A Little AmazingConcealer by AmazingCosmetics! This is a wonderful full coverage concealer and really works great to conceal any imperfections. I used this concealer on my dark circles and broken capillaries around my nose and it completely covered them up. When I was finished with my makeup my face looked completely flawless. I am so impressed with this concealer and even wear it on days that I don't apply full makeup just to look a little more put together. Having an almost 3 month old my dark circles are here to stay for awhile so I love that I've found a product to hide how sleep deprived I really am. I highly recommend A Little AmazingConcealer by AmazingCosmetics!

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  2. Oh, I am so tired right now - I wish I had some con sealer for my dark eyes.

  3. This concealer looks fab will defo have to take a look at it! x

  4. Hmmm I feel like I've seen this brand before. ULTA? Sephora? Target?

    I'm not necessarily loyal to any makeup brand, though I have tended to use MAC as my face powder for many years (I'm not too keen on using foundation). I'll consider this brand next time I see it! :)


  5. I would have loved to have seen your pictures! I just got a new concealer from IT Cosmetics and have loved it!

  6. This sounds like a great concealer. I might check it out I need a new concealer.