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Michael's Naturopathic Programs Review

Company History

Michael Schwartz, President of Michael's® Naturopathic Programs, has worked in the natural food industry since 1975 as a sales rep, a retailer, teacher and naturopathic counselor and as a producer of nutritional supplements and other products.

His first naturopathic formulas designed to nourish and support the body in its natural return to harmony and good health, were created originally for family, friends and clients.

These naturopathic formulas and the nearly 100 products offered today, are designed to be synergistically complete. They contain all the nutrients in the right amounts plus the proper combinations to produce optimal results.

Michael also pioneered gender-specific supplements, inspired by formulas he created for his wife and children in 1987.

His belief in the principles of naturopathy has led him to rule out offering anything not in the true spirit of health, such as hormone-based or glandular-containing products or fads. Michael's® Naturopathic Programs uses only "tried and true" formulas based on basic principles of healing.

Michael's® Naturopathic Programs, established in 1984, is known for formulas based on naturopathic principles. Almost exclusively vegetarian and kosher; no artificial binders or excipients; wheat-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free always. Our products are in many cases vegan. Organic ingredients may be used when available and reliable. We are committed to the traditional natural foods industry and its healthy longevity.

Blood Pressure Factors is Michael's® Naturopathic Programs #1 product and has been for over 20 years.

Our mission statement: "Dedicated to healing the world, one person at a time by eliminating the interference of disease."

What Is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy traces its roots to Greek, European, and Chinese medical traditions. It shares the beliefs from these ancient cultures of an underlying life force - a force that, when nourished, allows the body to heal itself. Simply put, it is a system best described as "Following the Path of Nature". It uses traditional healing modalities found in nature from around the world. Since its inception nutrition has been the mainstay of naturopathic methods, often employing herbs as medicines. True naturopathy is a form of healing that looks at health and disease from a very different perspective and employs the basic elements of earth, water, air, sunshine and nutrients in their most natural states to achieve its goals.

The underlying principle of naturopathy, "to heal in harmony with the natural functions of the body without harm," highlights its appeal. This harmony is exactly what sets it apart from conventional Western/Allopathic methods - it is also what distinguishes it from what it is often confused with, the better-known "homeopathic" medicine. While both systems share a deep commitment in treating the cause of the disease, homeopathy is a system of medicine based on the concept that "like cures like," stimulating the body into a healing responsive mode.

Recovery Zymes™
Enteric-Coated pH Stable Tablets

For muscular exertionª

10X pancreatin

Proteolytic enzyme support formula

Supports the body's natural inflammatory responseª

A more affordable alternative to other enzyme formulations

No added or artificial coloring

Does not contain corn by-products

Available in a convenient 30 tablet Traveler Tube

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Essential Minerals Comprehensive Spectrum

Perfect complement to our gender-specific dailies

Supports nerve communication and proper functioning of musclesª

Contains Opti-Zinc® and ChromeMate®

Great for supporting proper sleepª

Take at night for best results

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Vitamin D3 (5000 IU) w/ Vitamin K2
Sublingual Sunshine™

With Vitamin K2

Natural apricot flavor

Skeletal system supportª

Immune system supportª

Vegetarian and Kosher

Also available in a convenient 30-tablet Traveler Tube

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Joint Mobility Factors™ Non-GMO Glucosamine Sulfate

Contains the essential nutrients for proper joint function ª

Provides nutrients for fluid balance in the joints ª

Ideal for people concerned with proper joint function and including athletes and sport enthusiasts ª

Now...the benefit of Glucosamine Sulfate in a Vegetarian formula. Contains no shellfish.

Contains Boswellia and Turmeric extracts and MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

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Adrenal Xtra Energy Support™

Athlete's and active people's energy supportª

Contains high amounts of pantothenic acid

With Rhodiola rosea - both the extract and  the whole herb, for the most complete herbal support

Support for combating fatigue and enhancing both physical and mental staminaª

Enhanced Co-A activity for ATP and energy productionª

Michael formulated this product for himself

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Skin Factors™

Ideal for teenagers dealing with non-cystic acne and adults with skin appearance concernsª

A daily formula that works to maintain youthful looking skinª

Contains Opti-Zinc® and Vitamin A from Kosher Beta Carotene

Michael created Skin Factors for his daughter when she was in high school.

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Children's Chewables
Daily Multi Vitamin
Chewable Tablets

Sweetened with Xylitol

No Fructose, Glucose or Corn Syrup Solids

No added sugars

All natural flavors

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Teen Girls Tabs - New Shape, New Size
Daily Multi Vitamin
Smaller Tablets

These tablets are now a better shape and size- Easier to swallow!

A daily formula of nutrients and herbs for a healthy female bodyª

Contains herbs that have been traditionally used by females for health

Ideal for the physically active teenager

Contains Opti-Zinc® with choline, inositol and niacin

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Teen Boys Tabs
Daily Multi Vitamin

A daily formula of nutrients and herbs for a healthy male bodyª

Contains herbs that have been traditionally used by males for health

Ideal for the physically active teenager

Contains Opti-Zinc® with choline, inositol and niacin

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Ultimate Detox & Cleanse™
2-Week Cleansing Program
42 Packets containing 4 Tablets each

Convenient individual packets
Provides nutritional support for:

colon cleansingª

blood detoxingª

liver cleansingª

fat metabolizingª

Comprehensive 14-day program

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The Naturopathic Healing Handbook
by Michael Schwartz  (Author)

The Naturopathic Healing Handbook is an essential guide to understanding how to live a healthy life. -How to protect the body from disease, stress, and aging -Diet and nutrition for better health -Natural Keys to healing your body and mind -Preventing viruses and free radical damage -Stoking your immune system with vital nutrients -Natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals that fight disease For allergies and anxiety, thyroid conditions, weight loss and cancer, for menopause, migraines and all the maladies of modern life, Michael Schwartz provides detailed advice based on his decades of experience working in the natural foods and medicine industry.

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My Review:
Michael's Naturopathic Programs is amazing! I love this company because they put so much care into the making of their products. Michael's Naturopathic Programs offer nearly a 100 different products so your sure to find exactly what you need. Michael originally created these products for family, friends and clients so you know your getting products that work. Michael also pioneered gender-specific supplements which is great because male and female body's have different needs when it comes to vitamins and minerals. I'm very impressed with Michael's Naturopathic Programs and absolutely thrilled that they focus on Natural Keys to healing your body and mind.

I highly recommend these products!

Michael's Naturopathic Programs also sold in stores. To find a location near you click HERE.

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.


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