Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sunwarrior Starter Pack Review


Sunwarrior seeks out only the best sources for our ingredients throughout the world, including the United States. Due to changing climates and growing seasons, we cannot source from only one country or region. We scrutinize and monitor the farms and facilities we deal with for the highest levels of quality and control. Every batch that enters the United States is tested and approved by the FDA. We also rely on our own quality control standards to ensure our ingredients are of the utmost quality.

Starter Pack with Blender Bottle

This kit has everything you or your loved one need to learn what Sunwarrior’s all about. Kick off your smoothies this week with the very best superfoods.

Warrior Blend Protein (Chocolate and Vanilla)

Classic Protein (Chocolate and Vanilla)

Supergreens (Natural and Peppermint)

Liquid Light

Activated Barley

Vitamin Mineral Rush

Raw, plant-based proteins will have you ready for the gym or speeding your recover. 

Liquid Light is there for recovery, mineralization, hydration, and nutrient transportation. 

Supergreens have your probiotic and chlorophyll bases covered. 

Activated Barley gives you the perfect slow-burning carb while Immune Shield is your best friend during cold and flu season.

My Review:
I love the quality products that Sunwarrior offers! Despite being the cardio queen that I am I've never owned a blender bottle but it's a purchase any protein lover should make. I absolutely love Sunwarrior's blender bottle because it blends up the protein leaving no powder chunks behind. Sunwarrior's Warrior Blend protein tastes really good and is perfect for adding to your morning smoothies or drinking it on it's own. Sunwarrior's Classic Protein is really good and again perfect for adding to smoothies or drinking on its own. I feel like both the Sunwarrior Classic and Warrior Blend helped me recover from my workouts quickly and kept me full till my next meal. Sunwarriors Liquid Light is awesome for adding minerals into your diet and aiding in hydration. As a runner I love this product because hydration is a must, especially in Arizona. Sunwarrior's Activated Barley is perfect for keeping you full because it contains slow burning carbs. This is wonderful to add to a smoothie in the morning and hit the gym. Sunwarrior's Supergreens are great for adding some greens to your diet and aiding in digestion. I absolutely love these products and highly recommend them.

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.


  1. I haven't seen this product here in Canada! I wonder if they would ship to Canada so I could try some?sort

  2. I've never seen this product, either, so thank you for sharing! I agree that a blender bottle is a must have!

  3. My big "I need to get in shape" craziness starts on Monday and this would be so perfect!!

  4. Looks like a good product! I love to make up "smoothies" from fruits and veggies! This product has the added bonus of protein!

  5. I love my blender bottle! Looks like a product I would use. Thanks for sharing!

  6. The powder chunks are the main things that set me against any sort of protein shake but perhaps I just didn't have the right bottle :) Thanks for such a great review!

  7. I love a good blender bottle. Thanks for sharing