Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ciinolin Swaddles and Baby Steps Cards Review



Starting a business is very much like starting a new family. We read books about it and talk to people who are going through it. We lose sleep some nights over it and yet we start the next day happier because of it. They are both journeys of learning and new experiences, strengthened and grown from love and hard work.

Ciinolin (pronounced “See – no – leen”) was founded under the very same belief that “all things grow better with love, care and diligence”. We wish to give our best to our next generation, our families, our friends and our offerings. We are pleased to be on this journey with everyone and thank them for their support.

Our best, Yin

Sharing and giving

We believe that buying and giving should always go together. This is why we are committed to giving away a portion of our income gained from each Ciinolin product sold.

We believe that together with the support of our customers, we can help to improve the lives of less fortunate children and start a sustainable culture of giving. We have partnered with B1G1, a Not-for-Profit society registered and regulated in Singapore. B1G1 supports many outstanding organisations carrying out great work to improve the lives of less fortunate children all around the world. 100% of contributions made by B1G1 business partners such as ourselves are passed directly to the worthy cause organisations.

Giving with every purchase

Through our partner B1G1, we will give away a portion of our income from every product sold so that every purchase symbolizes “giving”. Look out for the details of specific worthy causes we support on all our products.


This gift set contains a (1) Ciinolin’s Whimsically Southeast Asian series, Cirebon Aventures set of 3 different 47″ x 47″ swaddles made from 70% rayon made from natural bamboo fibres and 30% cotton and (2) 32 Memorable Baby Steps cards which offer wonderful photo opportunities.

Education Cause

A portion of the sale of this product will be donated to provide 6 underprivileged children in Myanmar with their own sets of school stationary and donated to provide 1 underprivileged child in Cambodia with an education resource pack (notebooks, pens, pencils and textbooks).

My Review:
Ciinolin Swaddles and Baby Steps Cards are so cute! I love the bright colors of the swaddling blankets which is very unique for baby items. Ciinolin Swaddles are very soft and are made from the perfect light material for swaddling. I just had my 4th child about 2 months ago and while I've always tried swaddling with my other kids, none of them cared for it. My son however, loves to be swaddled. As soon as I swaddle him he knows its time for bed and it's so cute how he relaxes. He is also my best sleeper and I 100% credit it to these Ciinolin Swaddles. The Ciinolin Baby Steps Cards are perfect for your babies milestone pictures. This would be one of the best gifts you could give any new mother or mother to be!

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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