Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Yummari Endurance Snack Coming This July!

Yummari Endurance Snack Coming This July

A convenient snack that uses superfood ingredients without sacrificing taste? 

Yummari Founders Catherine and Jason Walsh have us covered. Yummari was inspired by the Rarámuri people from the Copper Canyon of Mexico.

This tribe of celebrated endurance runners rely on indigenous foods (like chia) to help them run impressive distances. They inspired the Yummari Founders to create their own superfood bites. 

Thinking outside the bar, each organic bite is packed with 5g of protein powered by hemp and chia. Not only are we featuring Yummari in Fit Snack's July box, we are also excited to be supporting their launch campaign. Try other delicious flavors and get great deals by supporting Yummari at

Fit Snack July is going to be delicious!

Chia and hemp make it a complete protein organic snack food packed with omega 3s. Portable, gluten-free certified, nourishing, and super yummy, we're thrilled to share Yummari with Fit Snackers this July.

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