Monday, July 27, 2015

Soothe Massage-On-Demand App & Mobile Service Arrives in Chicago

Soothe Massage-On-Demand App & Mobile Service Arrives in Chicago

Soothe now available in 12 Cities in the USA!

Soothe is a revolutionary new mobile service and app that allows clients to book a same-day appointment in the privacy of their home, office, or hotel room.

"Soothe's easy-to-use online service and app connects clients to available licensed, vetted and insured therapists who can come to the client's location and deliver a 5-star service at an affordable price. We have removed all the hassle for the customer, including calculating the gratuity, which is already included. Even guests at Chicago hotels can use Soothe."

Their massage therapists can travel to any area within the city of Chicago and many surrounding areas. The on-demand service offers a choice of Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Sports massages to singles or couples in 60-, 90- and 120-minute sessions. Appointments are offered between the hours of 9 am until midnight every day of the week, with fixed prices of $99 (60 minute), $139 (90 minute), and $169 (120 minute) per person, regardless of the type of massage selected.

To get started, the client downloads the iOS or Android app (, then selects what type of massage is desired, the treatment length, and gender of the therapist. After entering the address of service and any notes about parking issues, the client enters the credit card for billing. Soothe then sends a confirmation to the customer's email." For clients who cannot download the app, they can book via, which is available 24-7, or call a toll-free number (800.960.7668) during business hours.

In addition to offering massage for individuals and couples, Soothe offers chair massage services for corporate and special events, where a team of therapists can be present on site for a specific number of hours to service a group of individuals.

Soothe currently serves Los Angeles, Orange County, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Phoenix/Scottsdale, Austin, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Washington D.C., Seattle, Dallas and Chicago. Soothe will soon be available in New York City.

My Thoughts:
Soothe Massage-On-Demand App & Mobile Service sounds like a wonderful idea! I've had a few massages in my life and there are two things I always hated. Number one is having to drive home afterwards. You get a massage and then afterwards have to deal with traffic and by the time you get home your not even relaxed anymore. Number two is having to pay after the massage is over. Some places try to sell you on a membership or get you to book another appointment and then there's having to figure out the tip. All stressful things that again, I'd prefer not to have to do after a massage. The thought of being able to have a massage in my own home, take a warm bath and hit the hay sounds amazing. 

Soothe Massage-On-Demand App & Mobile Service sounds like a wonderful service!

Click HERE to book your massage today or download the app via the iOS or Android store. (

You can also call 800.960.7668 to book an appointment.

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