Sunday, November 20, 2016

Button Up A Month's Gift Portal is the Perfect Way to Gift Men's Dress Shirts! #HGG

Button Up A Month is a provider of men's dress shirts through a monthly service. Button Up A Month provides the member with the ability to choose size and style. When shirt styles are chosen by the member, they are added to a queue. The member can then reorder the queue for priority and receive shirts ranking in the top of their queue.

1. Simply register

2. Click the gift portal link on your account page

3. Add gift recipient

4. Add payment info

5. Add subscription length 

6. Then, save and check out the gift certificate

7. You can then print and present the gift certificate to the receipent and they can begin their subscription to Button Up a Month!

My Review:
Button Up A Month allows you to simply create an account, browse through the shirts, add shirts to your queue and the shirt at the top of your list will be shipped to you each month. If you don’t have any shirts in your queue you won’t be charged. Button Up A Month also has a gift portal which I think is an excellent idea for gifting shirts to others. I know I have a hard time buying clothing for myself and honestly have no desire to do so for others, especially men. With Button Up A Month's gift portal I can still gift people shirts I just don't have to guess what size they are or what they'd like. I can simply purchase and print out a certificate for them. Then, they can set up their account and select their size and shirt preferences. Another great thing about Button Up A Month's gift portal is it's perfect for a last minute gifts. Say someone from the office gets you a gift but you didn't get them anything. Well, hop on the Button Up A Month's website and purchase a gift certificate to Button Up a Month and your covered. 

My husband received the shirt above and I love it! It's a very nice quality shirt and it looks fabulous on him. He often has a hard time finding shirts that fit just right but this shirt from Button Up A Month fit perfectly. Button Up A Month is a wonderful service and I absolutely love their gift portal!

Click HERE to purchase!

Click HERE to learn more about Button Up A Month!

Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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