Thursday, October 19, 2017

Diminish Signs of Ageing with philosophy's Ultimate Miracle Worker Line!

philosophy is a trusted beauty confidante that helps women look, live and feel their best. we take an approachable attitude toward beauty by wrapping scientifically proven ingredients with insight and inspirational messaging. because we believe that beauty lives inside of every woman, we want to inspire beautiful days as well as beautiful skin.

multi-rejuvenating lightweight emulsion spf 30

now there’s proof-positive your skin can get better with age. this lightweight, fast-absorbing anti-aging moisturizer helps protect your skin so completely, it can naturally rejuvenate itself better than ever before. our breakthrough patented technology protects skin from the damage caused by infrared and visible light, while sun filters shield from harmful uva and uvb rays, primary causes of premature skin aging. patented bi-retinoid (hpr+) and iris plant extracts help reinforce the skin and rejuvenate its appearance, leaving your skin immediately soft and deeply hydrated* and more youthful-looking over time. in 4 weeks: the appearance of wrinkles is reduced* skin looks firmer and more radiant with less-visible pores* *4-week self-assessment study with 42 women ages 40-60

multi-rejuvenating retinol+superfood oil and pads

introducing the ultimate retinol miracle, where the power of science meets nature. we’ve combined the power of pure retinol with nourishing superfood oils for an efficacious formula designed to comfort the skin. featuring pure retinol and a retinol like complex powered by alfalfa extract to help strengthen skin’s natural renewal process. with comforting superfood oils including pomegranate, olive, argan and amazonian sacha inchi oils, known to be rich in fatty acids, help counteract the typical irritation and dryness of retinol. plus a healthy dose of antioxidants: potent forms of vitamins c and e help protect skin from damaging free radicals.
wake up to radiance*

after 1 use:
almost immediately, feel the product working on your skin*
skin feels replenished with moisture and baby soft*

in just 1 week:
skin feels firmer* and pores are visibly reduced**
90% of women had faster surface skin renewal***
makeup looks better and better every time the product is used*

with continued use:
100% of women showed an improvement in skin texture**
skin looks transformed: imperfections appear diminished, age spots look less visible, and even deep wrinkles look smoothed out

 *4-week self-assessment study with 53 women aged 45-65
**8-week independent clinical study with 38 women aged 45-65
***17 days independent clinical study with 20 women aged 18-65

My Review:
Diminish signs of ageing with philosophy's Ultimate Miracle Worker line! philosophy's ultimate miracle worker multi-rejuvenating retinol+superfood oil and pads are a dream come true! I love how effective they are at making my skin both feel and look younger. After my very first use my skin felt incredibly soft. It was so soft that I had a hard time not touching my face which I no is a huge no no in the skincare world. After a week my skin looked more radiant and even my fine lines seemed to have faded quite a bit. I love that this product contains retinol but also contains ingredients to help keep skin hydrated so you never feel the typical drying effect you get with retinol. It truly is a phenomenal product that does wonders for my skin!

philosophy's ultimate miracle worker multi-rejuvenating lightweight emulsion spf 30 is a must have in my beauty routine! It's a lightweight, fast-absorbing anti-aging moisturizer that helps protect your skin so completely, it can naturally rejuvenate itself better than ever before. I absolutely love how quickly it absorbs into my skin and how instantly hydrated my skin feels. It contains a breakthrough patented technology that protects skin from the damage caused by infrared and visible light, while sun filters shield from harmful uva and uvb rays, which happen to be the primary causes of premature skin aging. I've been using this product for a few weeks and have noticed a drastic improvement in my skins appearance. My fine lines are softer and my skin looks more radiant than ever! It's a must have in any beauty routine to keep skin looking it's best!

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