Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fun Game for Kids From Peaceable Kingdom!

What We Believe

Here at Peaceable Kingdom, we believe in a few important things.

We believe in slowing down and putting our screens aside so we can play with our kids, in spending time with friends and in connecting with family. We believe that doing this for even a little bit every day nourishes our spirit.

We believe that kids shine when kindness, courage, and connection are part of their DNA, when they reach out to someone who is sad, or can get up after a tumble, or give you an unexpected hug.

We believe in family and community, by being a family-owned, family-first company that has proudly called Berkeley, California, home for over 30 years.

We believe that honesty really is the best policy, no matter what.

We believe in cooperation in all its forms, with each other as employees, with the inventors, artists, manufacturers, and retailers who make up our larger family, and with our planet.

We believe that when play comes from the heart and feeds the soul, a more peaceable kingdom really is possible.

The playful way to encourage sharing from the heart!




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Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award

Read the book - Follow along with Max the hedgehog as he experiences the “sunny” and “stormy” parts of his day.

Play the Game - Scenes from Max’s day make up a colorful matching game that’s simple to play. Using your memory skills, find “sunny” and “stormy” matches from the book before the moon comes up and Max’s day is over.

Start a Family Tradition - Three tokens — a sun, cloud, and rainbow — are the only tools you need to begin talking about the “sunny” and “stormy” parts of your day as a family.

Sunny and Stormy Day! was created as a way for families to build a daily habit of sharing from the heart. You can do it at bedtime or anytime that works for your family, such as dinnertime or when you’re on your way home from school. Find your special time of day when you each can share something that happened to you and how that made you feel.

My Review:
Sunny and Stormy Day! is a super fun book and game for kids from Peaceable Kingdom! When my family and I first sat down to play this game we weren't quite sure what to expect. We first read the book about Max the hedgehog as he experiences the “sunny” and “stormy” parts of his day. We then played the matching game, but the funnest part of this game is that encourages my family to talk about the “sunny” and “stormy” parts of their day. It helps us to spend quality time together and reminds us that everyone has ups and downs. It's the perfect before bed game and my family and I highly recommend it!

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