Friday, October 20, 2017

Keep Teeth Clean and Healthy with Plackers at Home or On the Go!

Since pioneering the first dental flosser, patented over 40 years ago, Plackers has helped brighten the smiles of millions.  With its complete line of dental flossers that are engineered not to stretch, shred or break during use, Plackers has redefined the ease, comfort and convenience of flossing.

Today, Plackers is an industry leader, bringing you a well-rounded suite of dental solutions, including its diverse line of flossers, a variety of accessories, and a line of night protectors that help protect against night time teeth grinding (bruxism).

We know your smile is important to you. Let us help you keep it clean and healthy!

Easily remove food particles between teeth with Plackers Micro Mint® Flossers. With a cool mint flavor, these dental flossers give you an immediate fresh feeling while keeping your smile clean and bright.

Mint flavor flossers for a fresh, clean feel

Made with Super TufFloss® that doesn’t stretch, shred or snap

Protected pick that folds away for use

Never be caught without Plackers flossers on hand! The Micro Mint travel case is ideal for keeping your smile clean on-the-go. The case is refillable and can accommodate other Plackers flossers.

Compact and convenient

Comes with 12 durable flossers

Easily fits in a purse, briefcase, desk drawer or in your car!

My Review:
Keep teeth clean and healthy with Plackers at home or on the go! I fell in love with Plackers years ago and love them even more than ever now that I have kids. Plackers keep my teeth clean and healthy, whether I'm at home or on the go. To be completely honest, without Plackers I would floss far less often because flossing with normal floss is much more work. Another reason I love Plackers is because several years back I was trying to teach my daughter how to floss and she just couldn't get the hang of it. I handed her a Plackers flosser and she immediately became a flossing pro. Plackers are incredibly easy to use and I love that they're also mint flavored to help freshen breath. Plackers Micro Mint® Travel Pack Flossers are perfect for in your purse, desk drawer or in the car for a quick and easy way to floss while away from home or on the go. Plackers are the perfect way to become a flossing pro and keep teeth and gums clean and healthy!

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