Monday, October 9, 2017

Kiss Naturals Soap, Lip Balm and Lip Gloss Making Kits are a Hit with Parents & Kids! + Giveaway!

Member of ASTRA and NETS Canada, award winning products, made for families by a family, and are all natural 100% Canadian. Great for crafting, parties and gifts!

8 Mold Shapes

Makes 16 soaps

100% Natural

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Natural oils keep your lips shiny with this groovy 60s inspired lip gloss with a brightly colored independently flowing blob of glycerin color in the mixture

Includes three natural colors and two natural flavors

Just give the tube a shake and be mesmerized as the two layers move and flow but stay separate

Six tubes and three natural vegetable based colors mean that you can share these chic looking lip glosses with friends and still keep your own lips looking fabulous

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Makes 6 Lip Balms (3 jars, 3 twist up tubes)

Lip balms are ready to use in 30 minutes

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My Review:
Kiss Naturals Soap, Lip Balm and Lip Gloss Making Kits are a hit with parents and kids! I don't know about your kids but my kids love making little gifts for others which is why I absolutely love kits like these. I particularly love these kits from Kiss Naturals because they're all natural and contain no harsh chemicals. Plus, they smell amazing! My nine year old was over the moon when she saw these kits and immediately got to work with her seven and five year old sisters to make some soaps, lip balms and lip gloss. The kits made enough product for them to keep some themselves and gift some to their friends. With Christmas coming up these kits from Kiss Naturals make perfect gifts for others, whether your gifting the kits themselves or gifting the items you make with the kits, they're sure to be a huge hit! 

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