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Living a Fit and Full Life's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids! #HGG2019

Below you will find some amazing must haves for kids that they will surely love! They'd make the perfect holiday gift for any kids on your holiday shopping list!

It's everything that should be under the tree this year!


Let them enjoy playtime with their favorite princess with the Princess Playdate Ariel from Disney. This Princess Ariel doll is 32-inches tall with poseable limbs, making her easy to play with and giving your child tons of flexibility for creative play. The large Ariel doll comes with flowing red locks and her very own pink dinglehopper — er, brush — for hands-on styling. Ariel's tail comes as a skirt, letting your child choose whether to have Ariel go about the day in mermaid form by covering her feet with the tail, or in human form by letting her feet show.

Explore the world of Disney The Little Mermaid, where there's never a dull moment playing with friends under the sea! Join Ariel, a mermaid who loves her life in the underwater kingdom of Atlantica, but wants to learn what it's like on the shores above. With her friends by her side, Ariel's adventures never end!

Glam up mermaid-style with the Lights & Music Vanity! Open the vanity and Sebastian greets you with his song, "Under the Sea." Try some new looks and enjoy plenty of pieces for styling play, like the play curling iron, tiara and the dinglehopper hairbrush. Not to mention the Flounder applicator to create the perfect mermaid makeover! Admire your reflection in the large mirror featuring dazzling, color-changing lights! Best of all, the sleek and gorgeous clamshell vanity is portable and can go wherever adventure takes you!

Inspired by Disney's most cherished stories, My Disney Nursery reimagines and elevates nurturing play in the beloved Disney way!

Make playtime an adventure with The My Disney Nursery Musical Bubble Doll Stroller, inspired by Disney's animated classic The Little Mermaid! With 4 amazing stroller transformations, you, Flounder and Sebastian can have adventures anywhere! Take your favorite baby doll for a stroll to the song "Under the Sea" while Flounder dances! And the best surprise: push the stroller, and bubbles magically stream out from the shell! Explore enchanted places just like a mermaid with a cubby for your discovered treasures and a mermaid scale canopy! For even more fun, stroller can transform into a carry seat, pram, and lays flat. Anytime is playtime with this Musical Bubble Doll Stroller!

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Color, rinse, re-pet! Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Safari Animals are adorable, colorable and washable animal figures that little would-be groomers can customize again and again! Monkey around or choose the sassy elephant to color with the 6 included Scribble Scrubbie Washable Markers. And when you're ready for something new, pop ‘em in the safari palm tree tub to get cleaned up. Create new colorful coats as often as you like! There are 4 Scribble Scrubbie Jungle Animals inside, including Khari (lion), Tuma (elephant), Nia (monkey), and Talib (Giraffe), and additional expansion packs (sold separately). Collect them all!

Two classic art activities in one! The Crayola Spin ‘N Spiral Art Station lets kid “gear up” for awesome spirally geometric marker designs or “spin out” for wild, random drippy spin art paint designs. Create combo designs using both activities to elevate your art! This cool tool is kid-powered—no batteries required—and includes 6 Pip-Squeaks Skinnies Markers, 3 Bottles of Paint, and 15 Paper Discs.

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Lookout for Nighttime Villains with the Seeker Toy Vehicle from PJ Masks! Save the day from the villains with the PJ Seeker by trapping the villains in the detachable cage and stop them from attack with the disk launcher. Loaded with cool features, this playset is sure to keep your little champ occupied for hours. This playset includes a cabin, trailer, claw crane, cage, Catboy, mini Cat-Car, disc shooter, and bridge.

Fans of Disney Junior’s Minnie Mouse will love the magic of Minnie’s Walk & Dance Unicorn. Minnie wears her pink polka dot dress featuring a rainbow belt and her rainbow bow and sings a “Giddy Up Penelope” song from the show. Press Minnie’s hand to see Penelope dance to Minnie’s song. Attach Minnie’s hand to Penelope’s back and watch them walk together! Touch Penelope’s snout for Penelope to neigh and walk on her own. Kids will love taking a stroll with Minnie and Penelope, or dancing and singing along. Requires 4 x AA batteries (included). Ages 3+

They'll love taking care of the baby animals at Tiny Ones Transport Service before Pip and Freddy take them to their forever homes when they have the Disney T.O.T.S Nursery Headquarters Playset. This T.O.T.S. headquarters playset comes with three baby animal figures and an array of accessories to take care of them, including diapers, bottles, a brush, a bathtub and more. They'll be delighted to send the animals zooming down the playset's slides, and they'll love pulling the animals in the cloud cart for tons of adventures.

Unlock the fun with the Ryan’s World Super Surprise Safe. This large surprise-filled safe brings new fun to unboxing. Kids can use the key to open the safe and discover cool Ryan’s World inspired surprises inside, such as articulated figures, mix and match build a characters, treasure, and so much more! Push and reveal, smash and surprise, decode and discover all of the amazing surprises inside! A secret, locked compartment reveals the ultimate surprises. Each safe has over 30 fun surprises inside! The surprise and excitement of Ryan’s World is never-ending with the new line of Ryan’s World Toys. Bring home the Ryan’s World Surprise Safe and the rest of Ryan’s World Toys, inspired by Ryan Toys Review, and let your little fan bring their own creativity to life! Ages 3+

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty Action Power Paws will light up and give you one of several Kitty action sounds when you put them on and wave your hands. Super plush rainbow colored faux fur makes these warm furry and inviting.

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty 9 Lives Surprise offers plenty of unboxing fun! Just twist the lid to pop open and transform each Kitty Can into a multi level mini playset. In each playset you will discover 9 pawsitively awesome surprises including 2 collectable mini figures, six adorable collectable accessories and a decorative sticker pack.

Speak & Spell is back and it's just like you remember! One of the earliest computerized learning systems from the 70s and 80s, Speak & Spell was the first educational toy designed to help children learn to spell over 200 commonly misspelled words using a speech synthesizer. Now, a whole new generation can enjoy this classic toy with friends and family for years to come. With multiple play modes and challenge levels, kids will have fun and learn at the same time! For ages 7 & up. Includes 3 AA batteries.

Let's TACO 'bout Babitos! Cutetitos Babitos are adorable baby stuffed animals wrapped in a mini burrito blanket and stuffed inside a taco shell! Based on the trend of pet owners wrapping their pets in blankets like a burrito, these furry baby friends are just waiting to be unrolled and discovered! Plus, each Babito comes in a blue or pink diaper for a fun gender-reveal surprise - will you unroll a boy or a girl? Check out your Babito's hot spot to find out if their personality is mild, medium, hot or super spicy! There are 12 different furry baby animals to collect, from a Battito to a Chipmunkito to a Sheepito! Each comes with a burrito blanket, a diaper and a Pet Collector card with additional information about your pet including its species, gender, name, birthday and spice level! Cutetitos Babitos come in 12 colorful styles including Catito, Mousito, Giraffito, and Hippotito - some are super rare - collect them all.

Cutetitos are a variety of adorable, stuffed animals wrapped and hidden in a burrito blanket ready to be unrolled and discovered! Based on the current trend of pet owners wrapping their pets in blankets like a burrito, now kids of all ages can collect Cutetitos and roll their own pet into a burrito! Cutetitos come uniquely wrapped in a large mystery bag building suspense of which Cutetito is inside, then unwrap to discover your new Cutetito pet & more! To find out if your Cutetito's personality is mild, medium or hot, just check out it's "Hot Spot"! From a Slothito to a Puppito, there are 12 different Cutetitos to collect. Each comes with a burrito blanket and Pet Collector card with additional information about your pet including its species, name, birthday and favorite quotito! Cutetitos come in 12 colorful styles including Cattito's, Bearito, Monkito and Piggito - some are super rare - collect them all.

These Pound Puppy Newborns are looking for a loving home! They are soft, fuzzy babies who need someone to adopt them and take care of them. They like to be held close and given lots of love & hugs! If you take them home, they promise to love you very much. Each Pound Puppy Newborn includes a sticker sheet and adoption certificate so you can write in the name you choose for your new pet.

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A little bit of water reveals a whole lot of magic in the outrageous world of Blume! Anything but ordinary, Blume dolls come hidden inside flower pots just waiting to be discovered. All they need is you! Best of all, who you grow and what’s inside is a total surprise. This exciting 2-Pack comes with a pair of fashionable Blume dolls featuring unique and over-the-top hairstyles that you can swap in and out! Plus, a bonus set of accessories shoes, handbags, and sunglasses included to add to the stylish FUN! You'll even discover two (or more! ) extra mini friends! Each flower pot is packed with 10+ surprises that include mix-and-match outfits, A sticker sheet, and a secret playset. Who will you Blume? Collect all 22 Blume dolls to mix and match fashions and build out your world!

Just add water and like magic, a new friend will Blume Before your eyes!

Includes 2 Blume dolls featuring over-the-top hairstyles and outfits that you can mix and match.

Discover 20+ surprises including sticker sheets and fashion accessories.

Bonus set of accessories and mini friends adds to the stylish FUN!

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