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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Keep All Your Devices Charged with myCharge's HubMini Portable Charger!

myCharge is a Michigan-based manufacturer of portable charging solutions and has been first to market offering the most advanced solutions for a multitude of needs. We know how important it is to stay connected to the people and things you love, and we work passionately to create products that do just this.

Why myCharge

Our devices integrate built–in charging cords that emphasize portability and versatility, and powerful lithium polymer batteries that allow you to quickly charge your smartphone, tablet, eReader and other devices so they’re ready when you need them. From power banks to power cases, the diverse set of innovative myCharge solutions ensure you’ll never be stranded again. Ditch your dependency on cables and wall outlets – and let myCharge make your life a bit easier.

Power made perfect. We make portable chargers for life's moments. What moment do you need power to capture?

Rechargeable 3300mAh portable charger

This 3300mAh portable charger comes with two integrated charging cables: one micro-USB cable and an Apple® Lightning™ cable.  With integrated charging cables the ultra compact HubMini is the perfect charging solution for powering two devices at once anytime, anywhere. 

Battery Capacity: 3300 mAh portable charger 
Recharges Via: micro-USB cable 
Compatibility: Smartphones & USB Devices 

My Review:
Keep all your devices charged with myCharge's HubMini Portable Charger! If you're like me and seem to always be running low on battery life for your devices, you will absolutely love myCharge's HubMini Portable Charger. Keeping my iPhone charged is a constant struggle between blogging, social media, texting, phone calls and my kids using my phone to play games on it seems like every time I leave the house I'm on my last little bit of battery life. With myCharge's HubMini Portable Charger I can have instant battery life no matter where I am. I was recently sitting in the doctors office with my son who was sick and was just about out of battery life when I remembered I had my myCharge HubMini Portable Charger in my purse and was able to plug my phone in and it was charged in no time. I absolutely love that I can keep myCharge's HubMini Portable Charger in my purse or diaper bag and never have to worry about low battery life again. It's a huge relief! myCharge's HubMini Portable Charger is an amazing product that I highly recommend!

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