Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Anjou Coconut and Argan Oil Hair Mask Review

Enjoy healthy and smoother hair that shines with Anjou Coconut and Argan Oil Hair Mask. Crafted with all natural ingredients, the mask enjoys the benefits of coconut oil with that of argan oil for deep nourishment that visibly improves hair. Hydrating and moisturizing, you'll get all the benefits of softer and silky hair without irritation or side effects - just the confidence that comes with an improved look.

Natural Unrefined Coconut Oil
In order to ensure the mask can utilize the full benefits of coconut oil, the oil has been 100% cold pressed to extract and preserve it without reducing the health properties. Cold-pressed coconut oil is also unrefined, and is not deodorized or processed so no harmful chemicals are added to minimize the effects. By being all natural, the coconut oil evens-out damaged hair cuticles, and helps to retain and lock in water to keep hair drying out and losing its luster.

Rich and Pure Argan Oil 
Using 100% pure and natural Moroccan argan oil, this hair mask protects your follicles from the damaging effects of sunlight and heat, as well as keeping your precious locks free from artificial chemicals. Argan oil reaches deep into the roots of your hair to restore damaged fibers and mend split ends, all while adding elasticity to dull, and lifeless hair. It also keeps hair straight and soft by fighting frizz and unwanted kinks so you can get the look you want. 

Extra Beneficial Ingredients
In addition to the benefits provided by coconut and argon oil, this fast acting hair mask features honey, rose, VB5, and VE. Each nutrient rich ingredient works with your hair to restore lost keratins and hydrate hair follicles to maintain health and beauty. The hair mask - which is put on before gently rinsing off with water - frees your hair from expensive trips to the salon or from adding unnecessary chemicals in order get that youthful glowing shine. 

My Review:
I love this Anjou Coconut and Argan Oil Hair Mask! My hair has been horrible lately. I don't know if it's because of how hot and dry it's been here in Arizona lately but my hair needed some serious help. This Anjou Coconut and Argan Oil Hair Mask has been a complete life saver of should I say hair saver. After just one use my hair looked incredibly hydrated, full and even more colorful if that's even possible. I don't color my hair so maybe it just looked more colorful because it was really shinny. You know the actresses on TV with the incredibly shinny vibrant hair.... that's how my hair looked after just one use. My hair was also incredibly easy to brush through and had little to no frizz. I always have some baby bangs that try to do their own thing but after using this Anjou Coconut and Argan Oil Hair Mask they didn't get frizzy and actually blended in with my side bangs to make them look fuller. I absolutely love this Anjou Coconut and Argan Oil Hair Mask and highly recommend it!

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