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WordWorld “It's Time For School” Available on DVD July 26 Review #BACKTOSCHOOL

Available on DVD July 26 

WORDWORLD is an Emmy® Award-Winning PBS KIDS Program 
that Helps Children Get Excited about Reading and Progress from 
Knowing Letters to Building Words

“IT’S TIME FOR SCHOOL” will be available on DVD July 26, 2016. The DVD run time is approximately 100 minutes and its SRP is $9.99. The “IT’S TIME FOR SCHOOL” DVD includes the stories below.

“Shark’s First Day of School”
It’s the first day of school for the youngest WordFriends, but Shark is afraid to go. With the help of his good buddy, Duck, and some gentle encouragement from their teacher, Cat, Shark’s fear turns to confidence, and by day’s end he’s at the head of the class.
Build a Word: FLAG

“The Best Nest”
It’s Duck’s turn at show-and-tell at school, and he wants to bring the thing he loves the best: his nest! But when the nest breaks apart into letters, will Duck be able to retrieve them all in time?
Build a Word: NEST

“Sandbox Surprise”
Duck and Dog become curious about compound words when they discover the word “sandbox” is made of two words. How many words can they pull apart in WordWorld before chaos breaks loose?
Build a Word: SANDBOX

“Duck At Bat”
Duck loses the letter “b” to his baseball bat just before the big game is supposed to start. He tries to build other words to hit the ball – MAT, HAT – but soon learns that you need the right letter with the right sound to build the right word…and hit a homer!
Build a Word: BAT

“Totally Terrific Duck”
Bear is going to paint everyone’s picture today, and Duck wants to look “totally terrific” for his portrait. Not to worry! Frog and Sheep help him build a tie, top hat, and tutu – because if you want to look totally terrific you need the letter “T.” A tie, top hat, and tutu? Now that’s one totally, totally, TOTALLY terrific-looking Duck!
Build a Word: TIE

“Tick Tock Space Clock”
When a mysterious rocket lands in WordWorld, Duck pledges to help a robot track down a very important clock. He searches all over WordWorld, listening for the special sound that will lead the robot to the clock that will save his home planet.
Build a Word: CLOCK

“Dog Wants to Play Ball”
Dog wants to play ball, but he’s having trouble communicating with his friends. Pig, Sheep, and Frog each think Dog wants to do what they want to do. When Bear actually takes the time to listen to Dog, Dog gets his wish…and everyone has a ball!
Build a Word: BALL

“Welcome Home, Duck”
Frog, excited about Duck’s return from a long vacation, makes a “Welcome Home” banner to hang over Duck’s nest. Problem is, the dock connecting Frog’s log to Duck’s nest has broken, so Frog has to find another way across. Frog tries building a sock and a block to replace the dock, but it’s not until he builds a rock that he can land on, halfway across the pond, that he’s able to get across the water to Duck’s nest.
Build a Word: ROCK

My Review:
WordWorld “It's Time For School” Available on DVD July 26 is an incredibly fun DVD for kids! It's packed full of educational goodness that this homeschooling mom of 4 loves and approves of! My kids have been watching WordWord for some time now and they've always enjoyed it. I love that WordWord teaches kids to recognize letters and words by actually making them into what they are. My three year old, almost 4 year old has been working on her letters and I have to tell you just watching WordWorld “It's Time For School” a few times has helped her recognize words like dog, ball and duck. She loves WordWord and I love that she's learning while having fun. WordWorld “It's Time For School” Available on DVD July 26 is the perfect way to help kids learn letters and recognize words and I highly recommend it!

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About WordWorld
“WordWorld” was developed with funding from the U.S. Department of Education as part of the Ready To Learn initiative. Incorporating the latest research into the most effective ways for kids to build reading skills, “WordWorld” produces delightful educational experiences for preschool children, on screen, in print, and online. “WordWorld” is owned by General Word LP.

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