Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Premama® Digestive Aid Prenatal Fiber and Probiotic Chew

Supporting Happy, Healthy Pregnancies for Expectant Moms

High-Quality Over-the-Counter Supplements & The Highest Standards of Care

High Quality Nutrition for Pregnancy Premama® was born from the idea that daily prenatal essentials and maternity supplements should be easy to take and easy on the stomach. Since 2011, Premama has endeavored to make all moms happier with its best-in-class line of natural powdered supplements formulated to support preconception through postnatal nutritional needs, concerns and conditions. Our pill-free, drink mix solutions contain high-quality, clinically-studied and physician-approved ingredients, and are designed to blend seamlessly with liquids and soft foods. Just mix and enjoy! The award winning Premama is available online at and retailers across the US, including GNC, CVS, Sprout’s, Buy Buy Baby, Vitamin Shoppe, H-E-B,,, and Amazon.

We believe in making expectant moms happier.

That's because Premama® grew from your stories. You shared with us your excitement about your little surprise. Your nervousness about which rainbow-colored veggies were best for your baby. Your spells of morning sickness that left you feeling helpless in bed. Your confusion with the vitamins your doctor prescribed and the brands Aunt Susie recommended. Your tense moment in the maternity ward. Your smile as you first kissed your newborn.

We listened.

We spoke with moms, daughters, aunts, moms-to-be and even dads. You said that, despite your ups-and-downs, it was all worth it. You still felt good and happy in the end.

But we believe you deserve more during your maternity journey. That you deserve to feel comfortable, healthy and excited every step of the way. We strive to understand what bothers you and work hard to make it even more pleasant.

And that's our promise to you, to make every single moment of your pregnancy feel just a bit better.

- The Premama® Team

Supports healthy digestion and a healthy immune system during pregnancy

May ease constipation, bloating and other minor digestive discomforts associated with pregnancy

Formulated with 1 Billion CFUs of Probiotics and 2g of Fiber per chew

Vegetarian, naturally flavored

Vanilla Caramel flavored

My Review:
Premama® Digestive Aid Prenatal Fiber and Probiotic Chew is awesome! I'm a huge fan or both fiber and probiotics so together this is an awesome combination. With pregnancy comes the unpleasant constipation and one of the best ways to combat constipation is with probiotics and fiber. Probiotics are extremely important in maintaining a healthy gut and I love how quickly Premama® Digestive Aid Prenatal Fiber and Probiotic Chew relieves constipation, bloating and other digestive discomforts. I also love the vanilla caramel flavor! Another thing I really like about this Premama® Digestive Aid Prenatal Fiber and Probiotic Chew is that it's vegetarian and naturally flavored. And with 1 Billion CFUs of Probiotics and 2g of Fiber per chew you're sure to have a more comfortable pregnancy when it comes to digestion. Premama® Digestive Aid Prenatal Fiber and Probiotic Chews are wonderful and I highly recommend them!

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