Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ohuhu Percussion Massager, 60 Gel Pen Set & Travel Umbrella Review

The Ohuhu Double Head Electric Massager Hammer is an affordable device for muscle relief and tension in all areas of the body including back, neck, head, legs, and feet. The system promoted blood circulation within the body and delivers deep tissue body kneading for comfort. The massager is built with high quality materials while still remaining lightweight for ease of use and portability. The heads can be removed and a variety of massage power, speed, and intensity options can be used as per your personalized needs. The Massager is the perfect gift for athletes, senior citizens, and anyone experiencing aches and pain.  

My Review:
Ohuhu Double Head Handheld Electric Massager Percussion Action for Deep Kneading is amazing! I suffer from shoulder pain quite often and let me tell you this Ohuhu Double Head Handheld Electric Massager has been a lifesaver. Ohuhu Double Head Handheld Electric Massager massages my shoulders and neck with ease and soothes my shoulder pain within minutes. I love that it's lightweight and easy to use. I also love that it seems well made and comes with different attachments. Ohuhu Double Head Handheld Electric Massager is the perfect way to relieve sore tired muscles!

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Set of 60 Gel Pens --0.8-1.0mm tips.
Non-toxic and safe for children.

Extra Smooth, Brilliant Color
Incredible vibrant and bold colored assortment of superior artist quality gel pens that include Glitter, Metallic, Neon, Pastel and Swirl colors, and also two black pens.

Convenient Storage
Pens are stored in 5 convenient organizer trays with individual spots to hold each pen, so you can keep all your pens neatly organized and ready for use.

Superior Quality and Longevity
Ideal for drawing, writing, sketching, coloring, scrapbooking, crafting, doodling or anything else that allows you to show off your creative side like greeting cards, invites, decorating and more!

Great gift for Children, adults, art students, graphic artists and teachers.

My Review:
Ohuhu 60 Color Gel Pens are awesome! I've been in love with gel pens since I was a teenager and let me tell you this set of 60 from Ohuhu is fantastic. I love that you get every color imaginable and that the color is extremely vibrant and beautiful. Another great thing about Ohuhu 60 Color Gel Pens is that they come in a plastic case to keep them all organized. These gel pens are perfect for everyday writting, adult coloring books, and so much more. They're so fun and they write incredibly smooth. Ohuhu 60 Color Gel Pens are very nice quality gel pens and I highly recommend them!

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Count on Ohuhu' s umbrella to keep you dry from the rain! 

Using one of the most durable 210T polyester fabric and DuPont Teflon technology, this Ohuhu umbrella is extremely water-resistant. Not only do raindrops bounce or roll off smoothly, protecting you against the rain, but our Ohuhu umbrella also repels dirt and UV rays. Weighing at less than a pound, this umbrella is perfect for travel! 

Strong & Wind-Resistant 
Designed with 8 al alloy and carbon fiber ribs, the ribs are prone to snap or break and is highly wind-resistant, enduring up to 60 mph of wind.  

Easy to Use
Automatically open and close your umbrella with a click of a button, allowing you to fully operate the umbrella using just 1 hand! 

My Review:
Ohuhu Travel Umbrella is perfect! I love that it's compact enough to fit in my diaper bag so that I never get stranded in the rain again. It opens with ease and the material seems like its high quality. I've only had the chance to use it in the rain once so far but the rain drops definitely bounce right off of it and I stay dry. The handle also fits in my hand perfectly. Another great thing about this Ohuhu Travel Umbrella is that it repels UV rays which is great since we get so much sun here in Arizona. This Ohuhu Travel Umbrella is the perfect umbrella and I highly recommend it!

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