Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Flip Out Over the New Chobani Flip Yogurt & Chobani Beverage Flavors!


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After moving to New York from his native Turkey, Hamdi found that in America, yogurt just wasn’t as delicious and widely available as it was back home. He believed everyone deserved better options, so he set about making delicious, nutritious, natural and accessible Greek yogurt right here in the U.S. The rest, as they say, is history.

Blueberry Non-Fat Yogurt with Pastry Pieces, Cinnamon Crunch, Spiced Walnuts and Crunchy Sugar Bits

Raisin Brown Sugar Non-Fat Yogurt with Bran Flakes, Walnuts and Honey Praline Pumpkin Seeds

Mixed Berry Non-Fat Yogurt with Ancient Grain Clusters, Cranberries, and Honey Roasted Salted Almonds

Mint Low-Fat Yogurt with Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Cookies and Coated Rice Crisps

Peach Low-Fat Yogurt with Oatmeal Pastry Pieces and Frosted Cinnamon Crunch

Low-Fat Orange Cream Greek Yogurt Drink

Low-Fat Cherry Vanilla Greek Yogurt Drink

Whole Milk Coffee & Cream Greek Yogurt Drink

My Review:
Flip out over the new Chobani Flip Yogurt & Chobani Beverage flavors! Have you tried the new Chobani Flip Yogurt & Chobani Beverage flavors yet? Oh my word, they're incredibly delicious and make the perfect quick and easy breakfast. As a mom of 4, I love breakfasts I can eat on the go which is why I'm over the moon in love with the new Chobani Beverage flavors. They're incredibly delicious and filling and are sure to make the perfect quick breakfast or snack for us moms on the go. The new Chobani Flip Yogurts are definitely something to flip out over! With flavors like mint chocolate chip you're sure to have your taste buds satisfied to the max. I love how easy it is to add the mix ins to the Chobani Flip yogurts and that because they're kept separate you get to enjoy fresh, never soggy mix ins that taste oh so incredibly delicious! The new Chobani Flip Yogurt & Chobani Beverage flavors are out of this world delicious and you simply must try them!

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