Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Keep Your Kids Well this Year with the KidSafe Wellness Sampler Set from Plant Therapy! + Giveaway!

Not all essential oils are created equal, and neither are the companies that sell them.

Whether you know nothing about essential oils and are just starting to research them or you have been using them for many, many years, we all have one thing in common: we want the purest and highest quality essential oils available.

There are many companies that sell essential oils. What makes Plant Therapy different? What makes Plant Therapy the best essential oil company?

The PEOPLE. The owners. The management team. The aromatherapist team. The customer service team. The warehouse team. And last but not least, the BEST customers. We go above and beyond just selling the highest quality essential oils. We want to do more. That is why we created the first ever full line of KidSafe® synergies. Formulated by Robert Tisserand, parents can know without a doubt that they are helping bless the lives of their children with the safest and most effective oils on the market for their young ones.

We know how tough seasonal threats can be on little children and families and we know how tough it can be getting started with essential oils. That is why we created our KidSafe Wellness Sampler Set. Including our three most used KidSafe synergies for seasonal threats, this set will help you be ready for anything that might come your way.

Check out our KidSafe Wellness Set for more of our favorite KidSafe oils to help with seasonal threats!

My Review:
Keep your kids well this year with the KidSafe Wellness Sampler Set from Plant Therapy! With most kids around the country back in school we now start to see more sickness. I know for my family it seems like we always start getting sick about August/September and then on and off until about May. With kids passing germs around at school and cooler weather headed our way I highly recommend you get your hands on one of these amazing KidSafe Wellness Sampler Sets from Plant Therapy!

With the KidSafe Wellness Sampler Set from Plant Therapy you can stop the sniffles, boost your children's immune systems and destroy germs. My kids have officially caught their first August bug and with that came stuffy noses, sneezing, coughing fits and some real grumpy kids. I began putting Plant Therapy's Sniffle Stopper in their diffusers at night and the very next day they seemed to have improved. Now that we're on the mend I'm using Plant Therapy's Immune Boom to boost their immune systems and Germ Destroyer to kill the germs. The KidSafe Wellness Sampler Set from Plant Therapy is the perfect starter set for anyone new to essential oils but is also a must have kit for anyone familiar with essential oils! 

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