Thursday, August 3, 2017

Make Heading Back to School Fun with the New Mr. Sketch Scented Gel & Twistable Crayons! #BACKTOSCHOOL

Mr. Sketch is the original scented marker and continues to provide a fun, vibrant experience for kids. Each one of the bright, water based colors comes with its own unique scent, like Blueberry and Apple, to unleash students’ creativity. Recently introduced Themed packs include Movie Night with scents such as Buttery Popcorn and Nacho Cheese, Ice Cream scented markers featuring Mint Chocolate Chip and a Holiday pack, with Sugar Cookie and Candy Cane scents. Mr. Sketch scented markers are available as both washable and non-washable markers with two tip sizes, which are great for drawing thick or thin lines and are perfect for sparking young artists’ imagination. Mr. Sketch is safe for children over 3 years of age.

Featuring a smooth-coloring gel formula, these scented crayons glide across the page. Bold colors and juicy scents help spark creativity in kids and adults alike. The innovative twist-up design means these handy crayons never need sharpening. The hard plastic body helps reduce crayon breakage, so there’s nothing holding back your child’s imagination. Includes a convenient storage case for coloring on the go.

Add a playful twist to coloring fun with Mr. Sketch Scented Twistable Crayons. An exciting take on crayons, bright colors and your child’s favorite Mr. Sketch marker scents combine to create a wild world that feeds the imagination. Meanwhile, the fun never stops thanks to a unique twist design that eliminates the need for sharpening, plus a hard plastic body that reduces crayon breakage. Experience the exciting world of Mr. Sketch, where colors and smells come together!

My Review:
Make heading back to school fun with the New Mr. Sketch Scented Gel & Twistable Crayons! The new Mr. Sketch Scented Gel & Twistable Crayons are an absolute blast and to be perfectly honest I had a hard time sharing these with my kiddos. I really wanted to keep them all for myself but ended up sharing with them instead. My kids and I are totally in love with coloring together and I think it's a terrific way for parents to spend quality time with their kiddos. Mr. Sketch Scented Gel glide onto paper and smell amazing making your artwork smell amazing too! As a mom of 4 I absolutely love Mr. Sketch Twistable Crayons because my kids are less likely to break them. I have a very destructive two year old and these Mr. Sketch Twistable Crayons are perfect for him because with normal crayons he pushes too hard and ends up snapping them right in half. Mr. Sketch Twistable Crayons allow him to enjoy coloring time with his sisters and I without the destruction and again, you're artwork smells amazing. My kids actually spend quite a bit of coloring time smelling the crayons and I love the memories we're making! The New Mr. Sketch Scented Gel & Twistable Crayons are the perfect way to add a little fun to the upcoming school year and are an absolute must have this back to school season!

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