Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Why tracking is important for weight loss success! Nutrisystem Week 3


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Why tracking is important for weight loss success!
With the NuMi app by Nutrisystem you can start tracking your success today! 

As I move into week 3 I wanted to talk about why tracking is important for weight loss success. Tracking your calories, food consumed, exercise, weight and even measurements is so important for weight loss success. Tracking your calories gives you insight into how much the foods you eat really affect your weight. Tracking my calories always opens my eyes and makes we realize what an actual serving size is. Believe me a serving size is almost always smaller than you think. Sometimes I feel yucky the next day after I eat certain foods so tracking foods you consume can also help you make adjustments to eliminate foods that make you feel crummy. Likewise it can also help you realize what sorts of foods help your body to feel good. Tracking your exercise can be an eye opener too! A lot of times we think I went to the gym so I can have that piece of cake but that piece of cake can be so many more calories than you burned at the gym. It also makes you feel like maybe you don't want the piece of cake because you realize what you need to do to burn it off. Tracking your weight is also good because sometimes you lose it so slowly that you don't feel successful but being able to see your weight loss over time will allow you to realize that even the smallest weight loss is a victory. And sometimes..... you don't lose weight... here's where most people get frustrated and give up but by tracking your measurements you can see that maybe you didn't lose any weight but you lost and inch or 2 around your waist or thigh. I don't know about you but I'd take losing and inch around my waist or thigh over losing pounds any day. I know my skinny jeans would too!

As far as my weight loss this week.... I've lost a pound and am now down to 141! While a pound isn't a ton I also lost and inch around my waist and thighs, I'm noticing my clothes are more comfortable and I can't wait to see what happens this week. I'm also still battling a bit of a sinus infection so I really haven't worked out much. Hopefully I'll be over it soon and can hit the gym for even more weight loss but this is a perfect example of how much Nutrisystem can truly help you lose weight. Even with minimal cardio I've been able to lose weight while following Nutrisystem and tracking using the NuMi app.

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