Thursday, January 14, 2016

New PurErb™ Expedition Essentials Set Makes a Great Gift for Valentine's Day!

New PurErb™ Expedition Essentials Set
Makes a Great Gift for Valentine's Day

Neroli Baobab Hand Butter & Hand Balm Feature Blissful, Floral Aromas That Lift Spirits, Inspire Confidence, Balance Mind and Mood

PurErb™ herbology-based skincare and aromatherapy brand introduces an enticing Neroli Baobab Hand Balm and Hand Butter, available as a travel-sized set, to nourish dry hands and heal dry, cracked skin, while uplifting mind and spirit with its blissful, floral fragrance made from a medley of exotic essential oils.

Neroli Baobab Hand Balm 
soothes and deeply moisturizes extremely dry, cracked and chapped skin, while its citrus and floral fragrance of Neroli, Lavender, Grapefruit, and Sandalwood essential oils calms anxiety, enhances concentration, inspires confidence, and uplifts the mind and mood. It contains vitamin-rich Baobab oil, which helps revitalize and tone irritated, aging skin; Abyssinian oil, which restores suppleness, softness, and radiance while protecting essential moisture balance; Murumuru oil, which hydrates, repairs, and protects dry, damaged skin; and Moringa oil, which ensures deep absorption to deliver vital nutrients and moisture.

Neroli Baobab Hand Butter
is a deeply hydrating hand cream applied to skin that needs extra moisture and softness.  The Hand Butter features Shea butter, which seals in moisture and softens rough, irritated skin; vitamin-rich Baobab oil; Murumuru oil; antioxidant-rich Buriti fruit oil, which soothes sensitive irritated skin while protecting from environmental damage; Evening Primrose oil, which enhances barrier function and suppleness; and Meadowfoam, which balances the oils in the skin, prevents dehydration, and protects against oxidative damage. Similar to the Balm, Hand Butter's citrus and floral fragrance contains Neroli and Lavender, but includes Jasmine and Sweet Orange, which help soothe and balance the mind, emotions, plus enhance alertness. The Hand Balm and Hand Butter are used separately.

Neroli Baobab Hand Balm and Neroli Baobab Hand Butter are available as part of the Expedition Essentials travel-size set in 0.5 oz sizes

Natural Liposome Encapsulation (NLE)
PurErb™ skincare and aromatherapy differs from other natural products due to NLE, a groundbreaking Natural Liposome Encapsulation that captures and intensifies the power of plant stem cells, phyto-derived peptides, and botanical extracts, providing long-lasting moisture, smoothing lines, and boosting radiance. "Without these naturally-derived liposomes, botanical actives would dissipate too quickly to make a noticeable difference," says Luu. "However, NLE allows encapsulated botanical actives to retain their potency, providing phenomenal skincare and aromatherapy benefits." Moreover, multiple layers of floral, herbal, and woody aromas slowly unfold and linger, transforming complex moods and shifting emotions into an extraordinary experience of wellness.

Founded in Southern California, PurErb™ herbology-based skincare and aromatherapy brand incorporates Meridian facial massage techniques into a transformative experience of beauty and wellness. Created by innovative formulators, experts in herbology, and specialists in Meridian theory, PurErb™ products feature over 100 encapsulated botanicals as well as jade and celadon massage tools designed to sculpt facial contours, enhance circulation, reduce stress, and improve overall wellness. 

PurErb™ products include cleansers, toners, facial oils, moisturizers, serums, facial balms, and essential oils, as well as jade and celadon Meridian facial massage tools. 

They're available in a variety of retail, professional, and travel sizes, while the Meridian tools are available individually or as part of massage sets.  

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