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PUNCH Skin Care Eye Cream, Rapid Growth Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Amy, Sarah and Michelle three sisters we grew up the daughters of a small town Preacher. This was a great life as a child, Daddy’s little girls and all. When we became teens and the pimples started to come our parents wouldn’t let us were makeup. So there was no way to hide the pimples and so we had to figure out other ways to fix the problem. Now we are adults and all grown up, Two of us are married with kids and the other is the free spirited artist,

One Christmas day over a cup of hot chocolate Amy the artist was talking about those younger years of skin issues with her sisters and her sexy friend Michael. Later that evening Michael approached Amy and said “you girls should create something to help other women skin challenges. You have years of experience with all types of skin types… ” And that was the minute that this product was born. The name Punch came because when we were little about 12 or 13 years old Michelle would see ladies with dark circles and said it looks like they where punched in the eyes. Then when we hit our 30’s we noticed we where getting the circles and you would think we would laugh but we didn’t.

– Our beliefs match those of George Washington, To give anything other than the best product available is to sacrifice a chance at greatness.

We know how frustrating it can be to find an eye cream that works. This one’s too heavy, that one smells, and I don’t think that one does ANYTHING…isn’t there a Goldilocks option out there somewhere?

100’s of letters from customers, The story often goes like this: You run into a friend you haven’t seen in ages, and, after the initial catch-up, she looks at you, concerned, and utters three dreaded words: “You look tired.”

We are the industries for most expert on eye cream for dark circles. When you have a illness you consult with a physician that’s a expert in that field.

We only do two things and we have consistently year after year done these two things better than anyone. We specialize in skin repair, including eye cream to remove dark circles, and a deep nightime moristurizing cream.

The eye cream exfoliate the skin around the eye to give the youthful apperience that you want. We can not guarantee you will love our product but we can guarantee 100% refund including shipping if for any reason you decide to return it.

– The truth is and always will be our strongest marketing tool.

Arbutin a Organic powerful skin lightener combined to enhance penetration of arbutin to dermal skin layers. It also reduces postinflammatory hyperpigmentation

Propolis Treatment of blemishes, acne and psoriasis. propolis has excellent healing abilities. It is also used for relieving discomfort from the scaling pain of eczema

Research Center in Guelph, Canada, OPCs in grape seed extract contain 20 times the antioxidant power of vitamin E and 50 times the antioxidant power of vitamin C

Hazel Extract Proprietary 100% Organic blend to hydrate, quench and restore your skin's natural moisture balance to what it once was..., The Best eye cream you will ever buy.

Polyphenols Anti-inflammatory, increasing circulation and cell metabolism. skin-firming antioxidants, Increases blood flow to scar tissue which Reducing the appearance of scar tissue

My Review:
PUNCH Skin Care Brightening Eye Cream is an amazing product! I have always suffered from dark under eye circles so I definitely know a good eye cream when I see it. PUNCH Skin Care Brightening Eye Cream de-puffs my eyes and really helps to brighten them up. My fine lines are softened and the skin around my eyes feel and even look hydrated. I'm absolutely amazed and how this eye cream reduced my dark circles and makes me look years younger. 

I love that PUNCH Skin Care Brightening Eye Cream is made from 100% Organic blend to hydrate, quench and restore your skin's natural moisture balance. 

I highly recommend PUNCH Skin Care Brightening Eye Cream! It's a terrific product!

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Organic Rapid Growth Shampoo renders 26% thicker hair. "body," "volume," "texture" and "thickness.", Guaranteed.

Daily reconstructing shampoo that repairs hair from deterioration of natural keratin.
100% plant based extract anti-aging shampoo reduces hair breakage and rebounds coagulated fibers.

This luxurious formula exfoliates and stimulates hair follicles for stronger and faster hair growth.

Clinically tested Amino Acids Proteins Seal split ends re-balancing your hairs own ability to repair.

My Review:
PUNCH Skin Care Organic Rapid Growth Shampoo is fantastic! As someone with extremely fine hair I love finding products like PUNCH Skin Care® Organic Rapid Growth Shampoo that actually work. So many make promises but do nothing. PUNCH Skin Care® Organic Rapid Growth Shampoo has given my hair volume and feels incredibly stronger. I love that PUNCH Skin Care® Organic Rapid Growth Shampoo is organic and doesn't smell of harsh chemicals. It's increases volume naturally and I've even noticed my hair seems to be growing faster. 

This is a wonderful product!

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Biotin conditions the scalp to promote healthy hair growth and protects against future damage.

Renders 26% thicker hair! Body, texture, volume and texture guaranteed! 

Enriched with powerful Apple Polyphenol & Other Natural Ingredients designed to prevent Hair Thinning. 

Panthenol provitamin of B5 perfects heavily damaged color treated hair, rebuilds, and fortifies each fiber.

100% All Natural, 100% vegan, No artificial fragrances, coloring, sulfates, or any harmful ingredients.

My Review:
PUNCH Skin Care® Organic Rapid Growth Conditioner is amazing! I absolutely love that it's 100% All Natural, 100% vegan, contains no artificial fragrances, coloring, sulfates, or any harmful ingredients. I also love how soft it makes my hair. I have extremely fine hair and have noticed that it's not only thicker but is much stronger. PUNCH Skin Care® Organic Rapid Growth Conditioner is an excellent product and works wonderful with the shampoo. I highly recommend PUNCH Skin Care® Organic Rapid Growth Conditioner!

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