Friday, October 14, 2016

New Travel Friendly Pack Sizes from Surf Sweets are the Perfect Snack for One!

Surf Sweets

Bert Cohen, successful entrepreneur and natural foods devotee discovered Surf Sweets, a brand based in California that embodied the active lifestyle and clean food choices that he valued. His calling from that time on became clear – to create a Candy Contradiction with Surf Sweets.

That mission continues today – our organically sweetened gummy candy and jelly beans are full of the fruity flavor that you expect with none of the yucky ingredients you avoid. Anyone can enjoy Surf Sweets because our candy is free of high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors, and the top ten allergens.

You will love how the fresh fruit flavor of the organic fruit juice is revealed when it’s not masked by processed corn syrup and petroleum-based artificial food dyes. Pack them in a lunch box, bring them to a school party, or treat somebody for a job well done and enjoy the guilt free sweet satisfaction of having delicious treats everyone loves and knowing they are free of artificial ingredients.

Though we’re not based in California now, as devoted parents and doting uncles and aunts, we understand the constant quest to find fun products kids love that aren’t filled with icky ingredients so join us grab some Surf Sweets and Snack Happy!

Our gummy bears are simply the best! Surf Sweets Gummy Bears are made with organic fruit juice and organic sweeteners and are fortified with Vitamin C. With only 80 calories per pack, these portion controlled bags are a great way to snack smarter.

•  Made with Organic Fruit Juice
•  91% Organic
•  No Artificial Colors or Flavors
•  Corn Syrup Free
•  Fortified with Vitamin C
•  Free of the 10 Most Common Allergens
•  Made in a Nut-Free Facility
•  Dairy Free/Casein Free
•  Soy Free
•  Gluten Free
•  Made in the USA

My Review:
New travel friendly pack sizes from Surf Sweets are the perfect snack for one! If you know me you know I love gummy bears. They're my all time favorite candy and have been since I was a kid. I had the pleasure of trying these Surf Sweets Gummy Bears and I was in love with the deliciously fruity flavor! I also love that they're made with organic fruit juice and contain no artificial colors of flavors. They're packed with vitamin C and free of the 10 most common allergens making them the perfect treat for kids! Another great thing about Surf Sweets Gummy Bears is that they now come in travel friendly pack sizes, so if you're like me and need a serving for one I highly recommend these new  travel friendly pack sizes!

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