Saturday, October 1, 2016

That's Not the Monster We Ordered by Tara Black Book Review

by Tara Black (Author), Richard Fairgray (Illustrator), Terry Jones (Illustrator)

Book Description
The day the Turner family gets their very own monster is a momentous event in the neighborhood. Everyone gathers for the occasion. The monster can roar louder than a lion, leap down the stairs better than any Slinky, and eat grass so no one needs to mow. Based on the Turners’ experience, investing in a monster seems like a great idea!

Except, the monster that shows up isn’t the monster they ordered at all. Their monster likes to pull pranks and paint murals, and when he eats grass, he gets gas! He isn’t a good baker and he smells! Will the family return their defective monster? Or will the monster find a way to win their love?

That’s Not the Monster We Ordered is a fun twist on household pets but full of enough silly antics to warrant rereads. As in Gorillas in Our Midst and My Grandpa Is a Dinosaur, Fairgray and Jones have blended imagination into the real world, creating an entertaining story everyone will enjoy.

About the Author
Richard Fairgray was born and raised in New Zealand and has been publishing since he was seven years old. He has been working exclusively in comics for the last seven years with longtime collaborator Terry Jones. Their main work together is the ongoing series Blastosaurus. He lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

My Review:
That's Not the Monster We Ordered by Tara Black is an amazingly fun book for kids! It's an extremely fun twist on household pets that is sure to make kids smile. That's Not the Monster We Ordered by Tara Black has quickly become one of my kids favorite books. When they saw the monster on the cover they weren't too sure what to expect but as soon as I began to read the book to them, they were in love! My kids love the silly antics throughout this book and I can't even tell you how many times they bring this book to me to read throughout the day. They even bribe their older sister to read it too them when I can't read it to them. The illustrations are also extremely fun and entertaining. I highly recommend this book as I'm sure it will be a favorite in your home just like it is mine!

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