Wednesday, October 19, 2016

TaoTronics Aroma Diffuser for Aromatherapy Review

TaoTronics is a leading consumer electronics brand operating around the globe. They specialize in small electronics and accessories and pride themselves on understanding what consumers need and how to fulfill their demand. Since 2008, TaoTronics has enjoyed years of continuous growth thanks to millions of satisfied customers around the world.

PP Construction For Safe Use
Rest reassured with an essential oil diffuser that's made of the same material of baby bottles; the polypropylene build won't get corroded by any essential oil.

400ml Capacity For Up to 14 Hours Of Mist
Enjoy up to 14 hours of purified air with a 400ml water tank that's vaster than the 300ml capacity of most similar products.

Soother LED Light With The Built-in Cover
Sleep tight at night without any eye mask thanks to the built-in cover that filters the light for a more delicate illumination.

Timeless Wood Grain Design
Admire a finely detailed wood grain pattern that relaxes you by simply looking at it; ease stress at the rhythm of the pulsing 360° colorful LED.

Low Water Safeguard
Get extra peace of mind with the built-in water protection that'll shut the oil diffuser off when the water is low.

My Review:
TaoTronics Aroma Diffuser for Aromatherapy is a wonderful diffuser! I love the amount of essential oil fragrance this powerful diffuser can dispense. I simply add a few drops of my favorite essential oils and within minutes my home is filled with wonderful fragrance. I love that TaoTronics Aroma Diffuser is large enough to work all night long so I can use it to help promote sleep. Another great thing about this diffuser is the LED light because it's perfect for putting in kids rooms and using as a night light. And, if you're like me and always forget to turn things off TaoTronics Aroma Diffuser will automatically shut off when the water gets low. If you're looking for a way to freshen your home and promote sleep I highly recommend this TaoTronics Aroma Diffuser!

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