Monday, October 17, 2016

Why Gift One Toy When You Can Gift Two in One with Buddy Balls! #HGG

When Greg & Tiffany's son Max came home with his school project, he was so excited to create the perfect toy that he immediately started making a list of qualities it would need.

After thinking hard about all of his favorite playthings, he decided the "best toy ever" simply could not be ONE toy.  Instead, why not combine the two he couldn't do without--one of his sports balls and his beloved plush sleep "buddy"?  With a little help from his parents, he did just that...and Buddy Balls was born!

Mom and Dad were recruited to help construct the first prototypes and Max joined several school friends to present a skit about the new toy.  Not only did his classmates love the story of how the Buddy Ball was created, but they wanted to know where they could get one for themselves!

And before they knew it, the family had jumped into the toy business. Inspired by Max's creation, the family started MaxLand Toys with the goal of producing a high-quality plush toy that would become a childhood favorite.  Looking back at Max's list with a new perspective, the family is struck by what is NOT on it--no joystick, swipe screen, or battery.  In an age of technology where even 3 year-olds are adept at loading their favorite "app", young children still have a true love for the simplest toys.  And it is their hope that every child who receives a Buddy Ball will love it as much as they loved making it!

A warm smile, extra soft, rich chocolate brown fur, and a bright blue and lime green ball make SAM one of our most popular buddies.  This cuddly bear is the perfect buddy for bedtime or play and is sure to be loved by children of all ages!  Like all of his buddies, SAM unzips in the back to reveal a secret compartment perfect for storing life's little treasures.

SAM: Teddy bear is 16 inches tall (standing), transforming into an 8 inch diameter plush ball

Buddy Balls® meet or exceed toy safety standards of the US Product Safety Commission.

Your Buddy Balls® purchase helps MaxLand Toys provide support to Child Life programs. 

My Review:
Buddy Balls® are super fun! Not only do Buddy Balls turn into a ball but they also double as a wonderful cuddly bear. My 4 year old daughter fell in love with her Buddy Balls Sam bear as soon as she saw him. Then she hugged him and was amazed at how soft he was. She now sleeps with her Buddy Balls Sam bear every night. During the day she flips him back into a ball and enjoys playing with a ball that is soft enough to toss to her 1 year old brother. Another great thing about Buddy Balls® is that while they're in their bear form you can put toys or just about anything else in the zipper compartment which my 4 year old loves! Something else I love about Buddy Balls® is that each purchase helps MaxLand Toys provide support to Child Life programs.

Buddy Balls® would make a wonderful gift for kids!

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