Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Celebrate Filly Royale From WhatNot Toys for Endless Hours of Fun!

WhatNot Toys is the greatest new toy company to hit planet Earth!

Founded by Bob Grey and other toy industry luminaries, WhatNot’s mission is to search the globe to find the best new toys and collectibles and share them with kids of all ages in North America and beyond.

Follow the Filly Rainbow and you will find the most amazing magical Filly World called Royalia. Here lives the Filly Royale with beautiful tails in all colors that you can imagine. They live in families which have their own color of crowns with magical crystals. That is why the family is named after the crystal.

The most special is Princess Rainbow because she has a long, rainbow tail. She lives in the most fantastic Rainbow Tower. Here, Princess Rainbow invites all her Filly Royale friends to a grand ball. She sends out a magical crystal wand for hairstyling as invitation. Before the party starts, all the Filly Royale meet in the dressing tower where they style up their tails for the party. When they are ready, they walk over the rainbow bridge to the party tower. Every night, a hairstyling competition is held and Princess Rainbow gives the winner a special hairclip with one of her favorite magic crystals.

Come and celebrate with Princess Rainbow and join the Filly Royale

My Review:
Filly Royale toys from WhatNot Toys are an absolute blast. I have 3 girls that absolutely adore these Filly Royale toys from WhatNot Toys. They're everything girls love! My girls love that their crowns have crystals in them and that the ponies are soft to the touch. They also love that they can use the accessories to style and dress up their ponies for a day of play. Filly Royale's Foil Packs are an absolute blast because they're a surprise and kids don't know what's inside the foil pack making it that much more exciting to receive a foil pack filled with Filly Royale fun. Filly Royale toys from WhatNot Toys are perfect for kids and would make a terrific gift! 

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