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Tackle Your DIY Home Projects with HomeRight's Finish Max Paint Sprayer & Large Spray Shelter!

HomeRight has a history of innovation, a passion for quality, and a desire to exceed customer expectations. For over 25 years, HomeRight has been an innovator in the consumer painting industry. HomeRight is the originator of the PaintStick in 1986 and today has a full line of power painting, automotive and home care products.

As a corporation we are committed to quality that begins with product design. All HomeRight factories are ISO9000 certified. HomeRight engineers inspect first article production in every production run. HomeRight is so confident in its products' performance that they are all backed with a two-year warranty. 

The intention for our products is to make DIY (do-it-yourself) tasks easier, faster and neater.

MODEL: C900076.M

The Finish Max sprays a smooth factory-like finish with no compressor required. This paint sprayer is great for crafts, dressers, doors, furniture and cabinets. The three spray patterns; horizontal, vertical and round ensure precise control for detailed projects. The fast application of the sprayer saves time when compared to painting with a brush. The Finish Max paint sprayer is versatile and sprayer, any paint stain or varnish such as chalk-type paints, cabinet paints, furniture paints, stain, poly and latex. Use with the HomeRight Spray Shelter for overspray drift protect on your next project. 

MODEL: C900038.M

Reduce overspray drift with the HomeRight Spray Shelter.  It provides an area to spray paint or stain. The tent-like structure is designed to help limit overspray drift associated with spraying paint or stain outside. The curved three-sided design helps direct the paint and stain spray airflow towards the ground. The lightweight design makes it easy to position around your painting or staining project. The newly added mesh screen helps protect freshly painted projects from wind, leaves and bugs. The mesh screen can be rolled up and tied at the top of the opening when not required. The Spray Shelter can be set up and taken down in minutes and packs up into a small footprint for easy storage.  This temporary structure can be used in a yard, garage or shed. Great for spraying medium to large sized furniture pieces with spray cans or paint sprayers.  Drop cloth in photos not included. Recommended drop cloth size is 12 feet by 15 feet. 



My Review:
Tackle your DIY home projects with HomeRight's Finish Max Paint Sprayer and Large Spray Shelter! My husband and I recently bought a new home and with that purchase comes the lovely task of furnishing it. We previously owned a home so I have some furniture already but I've totally changed up the style of my home so now most of my furniture doesn't match the style of our new house. I've had the table above for about 10 years and with the kids and moving 4 times since then it's definitely taken a beating. I decided I would sand it down, paint it white and recover the seat cushions so that it would match our new homes decor. 

I found some beautiful fabric at the fabric store that goes perfectly with my new blue gray kitchen cupboards. I began by taking the cushions off the seats and simply just cut the fabric to the correct size and stapled it on with a staple gun. My husband set up HomeRight's Large Spray Shelter in our garage which I was extremely appreciative of since it was about 115 degrees outside when we started. Being in the garage kept me out of the sun and I was able to plug in a fan to keep me cool. HomeRight's Large Spray Shelter kept the paint from getting on anything in the garage and also protected the table from collecting dust, hair and whatever else was floating around in the air while the paint was drying. HomeRight's Finish Max Paint Sprayer was extremely easy to use and I love how evenly it dispersed the paint onto the chairs and table. My husband and I then took turns since it was so hot out spraying on a few light layers of paint. We then sanded the table and chairs down with an incredibly fine sand paper that revealed an incredibly smooth finish. 

The table and chairs are now curing in the garage since it's recommended to allow the paint to cure for about 2 weeks to fully dry. I can't wait to bring it inside and will have to post a follow up picture of it inside my new kitchen because it's going to look amazing! HomeRight's Finish Max Paint Sprayer is the perfect way to tackle all your DIY home projects and will certainly come in handy since I have a few more furniture items that need repainting. I also have to mention that this was my first real DIY home project and I definitely couldn't have done it without HomeRight's Finish Max Paint Sprayer and Large Spray Shelter! It turned out amazing and I'm so excited to get started on a few more DIY home projects!

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