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Backyard Barbecue and Back to School Gift Baskets that Please from! #BACKTOSCHOOL was founded in 2002 with family values and the desire to provide exceptional gifts for all of life’s special occasions. Through years of working in his family’s flower shop in New Hampshire, President & CEO Ryan Abood naturally realized an opportunity to provide handmade, high quality gift baskets. What began with two family members in the basement of a flower shop has exploded into a multi-million dollar company recognized multiple times by Inc.500, Internet Retailer, Enterprise Bank, and more, while still remaining true to its core values of exceptional gourmet ingredients handcrafted with care. As this entrepreneurial family spirit continues in the next generation with the birth of the youngest Abood last spring, this proud family business will continue to exceed gourmet gifting expectations.

We've hunted down some the best grilling products on the market today, uniting them together in one fiery gift. Composed of gourmet grilling essentials, including three spice blends, all-natural sauces that pack a punch, and gourmet snacks, this amazing collection supplies the grilling enthusiast with everything they need to create uniquely delicious meals on the grill.


Touch O'Heat BBQ Sauce by Rufus Teague - 16 oz. - Made according to tradition in Kansas, this irresistibly sweet, tangy BBQ sauce is infused with perfect amount of heat.

Spicy Chipotle Burger Seasoning by Gourmet du Village - .95 oz. - Add this seasoning mix to your favorite ground meat to make four large delicious burgers that aren't too hot, and packed with the smoky flavor of chipotle peppers.

Mesquite Steak Sauce by Stonewall Kitchen - 11 oz. - A delicious steak sauce that brings the right amount of smoky flavor to all your favorite grilled meats.

Burger Seasoning Mix by Backyard Safari Company - .4 oz. - Blend with ground beef or turkey for 8 of the most delicious burgers they've ever tasted!

Spicy Chicken Wing Seasoning by Gourmet du Village - .63 oz. - Season two dozen wings or one dozen legs with this delicious blend of zesty spices, sea salt and natural flavors.

Buffalo Popcorn by - 1.5 oz. - All the delicious, spicy flavor of buffalo wings in popcorn form - and with less mess.

Honey Mustard & Onion Pretzel Pieces by Harvey's Pretzels - 4 oz. - Bursting with the taste of tangy honey mustard and zesty onion seasoning in every bite.

Ultra Sharp Cheddar Cheese by Mountain View Cheese Co. - 4 oz. - Classic sharp cheddar cheese that pairs perfectly with our gourmet olive oil seasoned crackers.

Deli Style Hors D'oeuvre Crackers by Partners - 2 oz. - Baked to a crispy perfection and seasoned with sea salt and olive oil.

Pretzel Twists by Auntie Trudie's - 3 oz. - Everyone's favorite snack, these pretzels will be just the thing to munch on while they wait for their grilling masterpieces.

This care package for kids comes loaded with a pile of activities, puzzles, and games that will keep their brain occupied for hours! Inside they'll find a plethora of activities to keep them entertained such as a Sudoku puzzle book, playing cards, a paddle ball set, checkers and so much more! There is no better way to show you care by sending your favorite youngster this incredible care package. Since this care package contains no food, it is also the perfect care package to send to summer camp.

What's Inside?

Sudoku Puzzle Book - This book comes with varying levels of Sudoku so it's perfect for a beginner to advanced.

Word Search Puzzle Book - With over 40 puzzles, they'll have hours of word search fun.
Mini Playing Cards - Whether playing solitaire alone or go fish with the other campers, cards are always a great pastime.

Stick & Catch Ball Game - Throw the fuzzy tennis ball to a friend and they can catch it with the velcro paddles.

Checkers Game Set - Checkers is a classic game that they'll be able to take with them wherever they go with the convenient plastic case for all the pieces.

Tic Tac Toe Game - This roll up tic tac toe game even has score keepers on the sides so they'll always know who's ahead.

Roll A Shot Basketball Game - This game lights up and cheers for you plus comes with three extra batteries!

Paddle Ball - How much fun they'll have bouncing the rubber ball attached to a springy band.
Puzzle - Assorted Themes -They'll love putting together this 48-piece puzzle in fun themes like Jungle Friends or Ocean Fun.

Tumble Tower - Fun on the go with this tumble tower made of real wood pieces - whoever knocks it over first loses!

After a summer of freedom, getting back into a school routine can be challenging. That's why we created this Back to School Care Package, which is perfect if they’re looking for a quick snack in-between classes! Inside one of our signature boxes, your recipient will find a collection of delectable foods, like handcrafted gourmet popcorn, crisp pita chips, and irresistibly sweet candies, allowing you to make their transition a little easier! 


• Parmesan Garlic & Herb Pita Chips by Wildcat Mountain - 4 oz. – Crunchy chips with the great tasting flavors of herbs, parmesan cheese, and garlic.

• Sea Salt Chips by Kettle - 1.5 oz. – All natural potato chips, made with oil and sea salt.
• Blue Raspberry Airhead by Van Melle - .55 oz. – Chewy, taffy-like candy that bursts with irresistibly sweet blue raspberry flavor. 

• Buffalo Popcorn by - 1.5 oz. – This gourmet popcorn perfectly replicates the amazing taste of buffalo chicken!

• Honey Mustard & Onion Pretzel Pieces by Harvey's Pretzels - 4 oz. – Delectable pretzel pieces that are covered in honey mustard and onion seasoning and baked to your liking.

• Traditional Chex Mix by General Mills - 3.75 oz. - A crisp snack mix of classic Chex cereal, crunchy crackers, and bite-sized pretzels. 

• Sour Patch Kids by Kraft Foods - 3.5 oz. – Bright gummy candies that are coated in the perfect balance of sweet and sour flavoring. 

• Strawberry Airhead by Van Melle - .55 oz. - A chewy piece of sweet candy that's infused with refreshing strawberry flavor. 

• Pepperoni Pizza Combos by Mars - 1.8 oz. – Crunchy, salted pretzels that are generously filled with delicious pepperoni pizza flavored cheese. 

• Andy Capp's Cheddar Fries by Conagra Foods - 3 oz. - Crisp potato fries that are drenched in savory cheddar cheese flavor. 

• Oreo's by Nabisco - 2 oz. – An all-time classic snack with crunchy chocolate cookies held together by rich and smooth vanilla cream.

• Plain M&Ms by Mars - 1.69 oz. – Creamy milk chocolate bite-sized candies that deliciously melt in your mouth.

• Rice Krispies Treats by Kellogg's - 1.3 oz. – An exceptional treat that combines fluffy, sweet marshmallows with crispy rice cereal.

• Chocolate Chip Cookies by Kimball Lake Bakery - 4 oz. – Freshly baked cookies that are loaded with rich chocolate chips.

Who doesn't love the tastes of classic candies, salty snacks, and crunchy cookies? Don't worry, we couldn't think of anyone either. That's why this ever-popular gift is sure to please. It's comprised of all their favorite sweet and savory tastes that are neatly arranged inside a gold tin, making a gift that looks as fun as it is to eat.


Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Kettlecorn by - 1.4 oz. - Crisp gourmet popcorn that's lightly sprinkled with sugar, drizzled with oil, and dusted with freshly cracked pepper and sea salt.

Roasted & Salted Peanuts by J&R Gourmet - 2 oz. - Extra-fancy Virginia peanuts that are evenly roasted and sprinkled with salt.

Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Kettlecorn by - 1.4 oz. - Handcrafted popcorn that's completely covered in a dusting of freshly ground cinnamon and sweet brown sugar. 

Strawberry Twizzlers by Hershey's - 2.5 oz. - Delicious ropes of chewy candy that explode with sweet strawberry flavor.

Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies by Nabisco - 1.4 oz. - Classic cookies that are made from scratch with the finest possible ingredients and rich chocolate chips.

Mike & Ike Original by Just Born - 1.8 oz. - Chewy oblong candies that erupt with refreshing fruit flavors.


My Review:
Backyard barbecue and back to school gift baskets that please from! If you have a barbecue to go to or know someone headed back to school, has all your gifting needs covered. 

Barbecue Enthusiast Gift Basket by is the perfect hostess gift for all those summer barbecues you've been invited too. It's cram packed with goodies that are sure to please their recipients. I think just about everyone loves barbecues, which is why this gift basket is so wonderful. The seasonings and sauces are delicious and the snack foods are perfect for pairing with any barbecue!

Activities, Games & Puzzles Care Package by is a super fun care package that would make a terrific back to school gift for college students. It has so much fun packed into it and is sure to provide the perfect down time in between studying. I also think this care package would be great as a get well gift for anyone under the weather or hospital bound because it provides hours of entertainment!'s Back to School Care Package is another one that's perfect for back to school. It's crammed full of delicious snacks and goodies that would make the perfect treat while studying. If you need a quick back to school gift's Back to School Care Package would be terrific and is the perfect way to let kids know you're thinking about them!'s Junk Food Bucket would make the perfect gift for anyone that loves classic candies, salty snacks, and crunchy cookies. It would be a terrific back to school gift! It would also make a terrific movie night gift. Toss in a DVD and you'll have the perfect date night! is a terrific place to shop for gifts and is sure to please!

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