Monday, July 3, 2017

Get Whiter Teeth at Home with the GO SMILE Sonic Blue Whitening Kit!

Our mission: Make easy and fast teeth whitening products that work.
Our company: Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have helped whiten smiles for over a decade.
Our team: Developed the most effective teeth whitening products on the market—with cutting-edge formulas, patented delivery systems, and strong clinical studies from places like Columbia University.

But what really sets GO SMILE apart is that we believe the experience is as important as the technology. We make technologically advanced, highly effective products that make teeth whitening feel more like a luxurious beauty treatment than an oral care chore.

GO SMILE is the answer to the vast number of ineffective and hard to use whitening products on the market. We understand that teeth are porous, so food and drinks can stain not only the surface of teeth, but beneath the enamel too. Brushing alone—even with a “whitening” toothpaste—won’t remove those stains. You need a whitener with peroxide, which releases ions that safely penetrate teeth to whiten thoroughly. Many teeth whitening products don’t contain any or enough peroxide. GO SMILE has spent years perfecting formulas that contain the right amount of peroxide to dramatically whiten your teeth, without the mess or sensitivity of competing teeth whitening products.

No matter how busy you are, GO SMILE’s easy yet elegant solutions are designed to fit into any lifestyle. We think about every aspect of our teeth whitening kits – size, simplicity, strength and speed – in order to maximize the ease of use for you. We believe an enjoyable experience is as important as the technology behind the experience. We want you to enjoy using GO SMILE products as much as you enjoy your newly whitened smile! We’ve crafted our teeth whitening kits to feel more like a luxurious beauty treatment than a chore. Additionally, they’re clinically proven to work, even on older, stubborn stains.

When you have healthier whiter teeth, you’ll find new reasons to smile. You’ll look and feel brighter, fresher, and more youthful, and people WILL notice! No other beauty treatment makes a more significant difference in how you look and feel than a revigorating confident and healthy smile. It’s time to start loving your smile with GO SMILE.

Everyday Professional Whitening While You Brush!

The GO SMILE Sonic Blue is a complete at-home teeth whitening kit that includes everything you need to clean and whiten your teeth at home. And it fits right into your regular brushing routine—No extra steps! Simply add the GO SMILE Teeth Whitening Gel and Luxury Mint Toothpaste to your Sonic Blue toothbrush, the best electric toothbrush for whitening.  Then brush your teeth as usual-two minutes two times per day.  Your teeth will look whiter in just a few days, and significantly whiter within weeks.

Whitening Gel Penetrates Deep into Teeth for Lasting White Color

Advanced formula Teeth Whitening Gel with Hyperox™ Technology
Safely penetrates teeth for deep whitening unlike other brands that only remove surface stains
Virtually no sensitivity reported in Columbia University clinical trials
Safe to use on all teeth, including braces and dental restorations (fillings, crowns, veneers)
Bacteria-Killing Patented Blue Light Wave Technology

Integrated into Sonic Blue electric toothbrush
Activates the Teeth Whitening Gel to speed up stain removal
Fast teeth whitening – proven to work 4x faster than other Teeth Whitening Kits
Uses Blue light wavelengths proven to kill bacteria for a healthy mouth and accelerated whitening
Sonic Vibration Polishes and Cleans

Two Cleaning Modes—Regular and Gentle—with Quadrant Timer. The Quadrant Timer is an interval timer that has a short pause in vibration to remind you to brush the four sections of your mouth evenly and thoroughly.  Just move to a new Quadrant when you feel it vibrate
Removes surface stains and polishes teeth for a more reflective, brighter smile
Works to prevent cavities, alongside your Luxury Mint Toothpaste
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Available for purchase online or at participating retail stores
Sonic Pro toothbrush is available in multiple colors

(1)  Sonic Blue Toothbrush with Patented Blue Light Wave Technology (includes 1 brush head)
(1) 3.4oz Teeth Whitening Gel with Hyperox™ Technology
(1) 3.4oz Luxury Mint Toothpaste with Vitamins A, C, & E
(2) Replacement Brush Heads w/covers
(1) Tooth Whitening Shade Chart
(1) Charging system

My Review:
Get whiter teeth at home with the GO SMILE Sonic Blue Whitening Kit! I absolutely love when my teeth are white so I'm a huge fan of whitening my teeth at home. GO SMILE's Sonic Blue Whitening Kit has everything you need to get a beautiful healthy white smile at home and I have to say I absolutely love the results I got with this kit! When my teeth are white I find that I smile more and tend to be happier in general. It might sound silly but having a beautiful white smile can truly make you happier and if you don't believe me, I truly encourage you to try it! GO SMILE's Sonic Blue Whitening Kit comes with a Sonic Blue Toothbrush with Patented Blue Light Wave Technology that cleans my teeth perfectly. After each use my teeth felt clean and polished to perfection. GO SMILE's Sonic Blue Whitening Kit also comes with Teeth Whitening Gel with Hyperox™ Technology, Luxury Mint Toothpaste with Vitamins A, C, & E, 2 Replacement Brush Heads w/covers, a Tooth Whitening Shade Chart and a Charging system. I saw my teeth whiten very quickly with this kit and I love that I felt absolutely no sensitivity as that has been a problem in the past for me with other whitening products. GO SMILE's Sonic Blue Whitening Kit has everything you need to get a healthy white smile at home and I highly recommend it!

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