Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Get Beautiful with Whish High Performance Natural Beauty Products!


One day, Aimee Werner, finding herself stuck without shaving  cream, borrowed her husband’s imported foamless shave cream. Although the smell was far from feminine, she experienced the best shave of her life and commented, “Wish I had something that worked so well, without that manly smell.”

That’s where it all began. Aimee and her husband set out to create a new line of women’s shaving products that not only work incredibly well, but smell absolutely delicious! They also wanted to use natural and organic ingredients instead of the harsh, drying chemicals used in most drug store brands. Countless test shaves later, Aimee’s wish became Whish.

But why stop there? After creating their amazing line of shaving products, Aimee and her husband set out to create an entire line of skin care products with the mission of discovering new ingredients which enable intelligent choices for your skin.

An all over body butter with self tanner and natural firming ingredients to boot. With its amazing moisturizing ingredients, this is the perfect every day, all over tanner for keeping your skin soft, smooth and radiant.

Yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we think this beholder would prefer eyes that looked a bit more refreshed when looking back. So we created a little boost in a bottle. Our Repairing Eye Serum reduces dark circles and puffiness and revives elasticity and firmness to the delicate skin around eyes with the tenderness that area requires.

There is no doubt something going on in the wee, small hours of the morning and we suspect it has something to do with our deliciously Recovering Night Cream. This sumptuous blend of potent, naturally anti-age fighters and anti-oxidant rich moisturizers combine together slow the clock so that you wake up renewed.

My Review:
Get beautiful with Whish high performance natural beauty products! I absolutely love these products from Whish because not only are they natural but they work. They contain natural ingredients that compliment my skin and do an amazing job to help me look my best. 

Whish's Coconut Milk Self Tanner is one of my new favorite self tanners. Not only does Whish's Coconut Milk Self Tanner help my incredibly pail skin look like it belongs in Arizona but it also contains natural firming ingredients to help keep my skin looking young and radiant. I love the natural looking tan I got with this product and how soft and moisturized my skin felt. It's a terrific self tanner and I highly recommend it! 

Whish's Repairing Eye Serum is a dream come true! I've been blessed with natural dark under eye circles so I'm always on the hunt for products to help hide them. Whish's Repairing Eye Serum not only helps them fade away but it depuffs my eyes as well. I also love how amazingly refreshing it feels to put on. My under eye area is instantly hydrated and soothed which feels totally amazing. I've already noticed my eye area looks much healthier, younger and hydrated thanks to Whish's Repairing Eye Serum.  

Recovering Night Cream from Whish is also a fantastic product! Now that I'm in my 30's my skin seems to have dried out so I'm always looking for products to help my skin look hydrated and healthy. When I apply this Recovering Night Cream my skin soaks it up and feels happy and moisturized. In the morning my skin looks radiant and healthy and no longer looks dull and dried out. It's honestly a fantastic night cream and I highly recommend it!

Whish's high performance natural beauty products are the perfect way to look your best!

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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