Thursday, September 28, 2017

Splish Splash with Little Tikes Swim to Me Puppy! #HGG

At Little Tikes we make products that encourage active & imaginative play for kids. Products that get small bodies moving, spark curtiosity, create wonder and let kids dream big.

The Little Tikes brand is built around the key values of quality, safety, durability, trust and FUN.
We believe that children who have playful, fun and active childhood will be the happy, healthy and successful adults of tomorrow.

Little Tikes is known for its playful, engaging, iconic products that children love and parents respect the world over. 

We like to say we promote socially dynamic play - products that encourage group play and learning for active kids.

From the outside in, our pioneering playhouses, cozy coupes, kitchens, ride-ons and more are as important today, even more, in the pursuit of active play. 

Our rich, memorable past, mostly made in and or created in America status, and timeless innovative toys are what makes Little Tikes-BIG! Come play and socialize with us!

 Item Number: 643521
 Age: 3 + years

This Cute lil' Pup is happy to walk across the floor, but he has an extra surprise. Place him in water and he will doggie-paddle his way all around the tub!  With two ways to play, this pup will provide hours of fun inside or out! Let your little one experience the fun of having their own Cute Lil' Pup!
This sweet little stray can swim all day and when you're done take him for a walk to dry off!

Kids have 2 ways to play with your puppy:
Your pup can swim in the tub or pool
Take your pup for a walk

Cute and playful

Puppy will start to swim as soon as the sensors touch water

Puppy will walk when the collar tag is pressed

Includes: leash, goggles & adoption certificate

Requires 3 "AA" alkaline batteries (not included)

Please note: Ear color may vary

When puppy is removed from water his legs stop moving. If his legs do not stop moving, dry the sensors off with a towel.

My Review:
Splish splash with Little Tikes Swim to Me Puppy! Little Tikes Swim to Me Puppy is absolutely adorable and so much fun. After have 3 sweet clean little girls I was finally blessed with a little boy. However, he doesn't like taking baths and doesn't seem to like being clean either. I know how important his baths are since he's usually covered himself in something for the day whether it be markers, sand from the park or macaroni and cheese from lunch or dinner. Little Tikes Swim to Me Puppy has been a life saver over the last couple of weeks because he actually wants to take a bath if he can bring his Swim to Me Puppy along. Little Tikes Swim to Me Puppy swims around the tub while my son takes a bath and he absolutely loves it. 

He also loves to take his Little Tikes Swim to Me Puppy for walks and unfortunately for the little Swim to Me Puppy that often means he too gets covered with something for the day. Luckily I can toss both the Little Tikes Swim to Me Puppy and my son in the bath and before you know it they're both cleaned and ready for another round of play. Little Tikes Swim to Me Puppy makes the perfect little buddy for my son and I highly recommend it! It would also make a terrific gift this coming holiday season!

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