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Re-Grow Your Hair with HairMax and Look Your Best!

HairMax is a technology company dedicated to improving and enriching lives by incorporating the science of hair growth into every product we sell. We never forget that behind each sale is a real person who has placed their trust in us, someone frustrated by hair loss and suffering from a blow to their confidence or self-esteem. We honor this trust by respecting our customers' concerns, helping them feel better about themselves and offering world class customer support along with high quality solutions.

With over a million laser devices sold in 170 countries since our founding in 2000, we have earned the distinction of being the undisputed leading global brand in at-home hair growth technology. The distinction endures because we continually raise the bar for each and every one of our products, which range from lasers to our proprietary hair care products and nutritional supplements. We go the extra mile to ensure that every product we develop and market conforms to the highest quality standards.

Competitors have come and gone while we have thrived by staying true to our commitment to provide the best products and services anywhere in the world. At HairMax, helping people re-grow their hair is not a sideline; it's the driving force behind everything we do. Our total focus. No exceptions. All we think about. Every day.

Three high performance products that deliver unparalleled results. Designed to cleanse, hydrate and revitalize your follicles for denser, thicker, fuller looking hair. These hair & scalp treatments combine innovative formulas with leading edge technology specially targeted for thinning hair.

These hair & scalp treatments combine innovative formulas with leading edge technology specially targeted for thinning hair.

Sulfate Free

Safe for Color Treated Hair

Den•si•ty 3pc. Bundle includes:

HairMax for den•si•ty Shampoo 8.5 fl oz/250 ml

HairMax for den•si•ty Conditioner 8.5 fl oz/250 ml

HairMax for den•si•ty Revitalizer 4.2 fl oz/125 ml


HairMax Dietary Supplements are scientifically formulated with some of the world’s leading hair growth researchers and recommended by physicians worldwide.

Our natural vitamin complex is blended with clinically proven hair strengtheners to help support healthier hair. HairMax Dietary Supplements provide essential nutrients to help your hair look its best! They also strengthen nails and contribute to healthy looking skin.

60 capsules – 30 day supply
Supports Healthy Hair Growth from the Inside Out.
Gluten Free Formula

HairMax Dietary Supplements are formulated with the nutrients to help support healthy hair, nails and skin.

2500 mcg of Biotin per serving to help produce keratin, increase hair elasticity and help maintain hair health

Niacin helps improve blood circulation to the hair bulb

Contains DHT blockers (Beta Sistosterol & Saw Palmetto)

Contains MSM (sulfur) for healthy collagen and keratin, which are essential to healthy hair growth.

Contains powerful antioxidants

Works for all hair types

Helps maintain overall health

No Artificial Color or Flavor, No Preservatives, No Sugar, No Gluten, No Wheat, No Yeast, No Shellfish. Sodium Free.

My Review:
Re-Grow your hair with HairMax and look your best! I'm extremely impressed with the results I've seen from using the HairMax Den•si•ty 3pc. Bundle and HairMax Dietary Supplements. Before using these products my hair was in a bad state. I have extremely fine hair to begin with but it had gotten so bad I felt like I was beginning to go bald. Maybe that's an overstatement but I really did feel like I was losing too much hair and even had spots that looked bald. After using these products for almost a month I feel like my hair is starting to come back. I no longer see those spots that looked bald and have even noticed that my hair appears to be fuller and much healthier. I'm extremely happy with these products and highly recommend them. If you've noticed your hair taking a turn for the worst these products are a dream come true! 

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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