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Bove's Authentic Italian Food Review

Authentic Italian Food

Josephine, Victoria and Joseph Bove Bove’s of Vermont, a premium pasta sauce company with roots in a 3rd generation family-run Italian restaurant, is committed to producing authentic sauces, frozen lasagna and meatballs using only the finest all-natural ingredients and time-tested recipes, at a reasonable and fair price point. We believe that great flavor and value come from starting with the very finest ingredients, staying true to classic and time tested recipes, cooking in small batches under strict quality control guidelines, and never using any unnatural ingredients.

Bove’s products include a line of pasta sauces: Vodka, Sweet Red Pepper, Marinara, Roasted Garlic, Mushroom and Wine, and Basil, and also Italian style frozen Meatballs and frozen Lasagna!

Bove's All Natural Lasagna

We’ve been making lasagna the same way for over 70 years. Quality ingredients, layers upon layers of cheesy goodness, and Bove’s famous Marinara Sauce are in each slice.

Bove’s Frozen Lasagnas are hand made in Vermont with Bove’s All-Natural Meatballs, fresh mozzarella, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, a variety of spices and Bove’s Marinara Sauce. 

As seen on The Food Network, NBC’s TODAY Show and NECN’s TV Diner.

My Review:
Bove's All Natural Lasagna is literally the best lasagna I've ever tasted! The flavors are so good! I absolutely love that every ingredient in this lasagna is all natural. You can taste each wonderful ingredient in this lasagna and they all come together to make one delicious meal. The marinara sauce has the perfect amount of sweetness and pairs wonderfully with the seasoning, cheeses and meat. Each slice has the perfect amount of sauce, meat and cheese. 

Bove's All Natural Lasagna is handmade and I truly believe that this is their secret ingredient. While it's not really an ingredient, I think it's the special care that goes into making each lasagna that really makes this lasagna wonderful.

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Bove's All Natural Italian Style Meatballs

Bove’s Italian Style Meatballs are made by hand in Vermont, where we mix fresh garlic with finely diced onions, Pecorino Romano cheese, and hormone-free beef… and a special blend of herbs to make the best tasting frozen meatballs available.

Our meatballs are flame broiled, contain NO textured soy protein or trans fat, are made of GRASS FED BEEF and contain no hormones or antibiotics.

My Review:
Bove’s Italian Style Meatballs are delicious! The number one thing I love about Bove’s Italian Style Meatballs is that they are made with hormone free, grass fed beef! Okay, maybe that's the number two thing because the flavor that's packed into these meatballs is amazing! Each bite tastes wonderful! I don't think I've ever seen a meatball made with grass fed beef that contains no hormones or antibiotics. As a mom of four I've become a total health nut, so I know how good grass fed beef is for you and I love seeing brands that not only recognize what consumers want, but also recognize that quality beef makes quality products that taste delicious.

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Bove's Roasted Garlic All Natural Pasta Sauce

We roast fresh garlic cloves for hours, bringing out the sweetness of each clove, then we simmer the garlic in our famous Marinara for hours. Vampires beware! Real Simple magazine voted this sauce as, "One of the Best Tasting Garlic Sauces in the Country."

My Review:
Bove's Roasted Garlic All Natural Pasta Sauce is packed full of flavor! I love the sweet garlic flavor and wonderfully smooth tomato taste. This sauce has the perfect amount of seasoning and is the ideal constancy to make any pasta come alive!

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Bove's Marinara All Natural Pasta Sauce

This a rich, flavorful, smooth textured sauce that has been the signature sauce of Bove's Cafe for over 70 years. Bove’s Marinara has significantly less sugar than other brands. This is the original recipe of Victoria Bove.

My Review:
Bove's Marinara All Natural Pasta Sauce is the best marinara sauce I've ever tasted. I love it's smooth texture and pure flavor. Another thing I love about this marinara sauce is that it has significantly less sugar than other brands, yet it's still sweet and delicious. This is the perfect marinara sauce for many dishes and was a crowd pleaser for even the pickiest eater in my house.

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Bove's Basil All Natural Pasta Sauce

Fresh Basil makes this sauce the perfect sauce for any occasion.
Voted by Cooking Light Magazine in 2009 as One of the Best Basil Sauces in the country.
Chosen by Real Simple Magazine in 2009 as One of the Best Basil Sauces.

My Review:
I love Bove's Basil All Natural Pasta Sauce! Basil is one of my favorite flavors so it's no surprise that I love this sauce. Bove's Basil All Natural Pasta Sauce is packed full of flavor and is a wonderful ingredient that is sure to make any dish a hit!

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Bove's Vodka All Natural Pasta Sauce

Not your typical jarred vodka sauce - Bove’s Vodka Sauce is rich tasting with diced tomatoes and a touch of red pepper to give it an even heat. Featured on the Food Network’s Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Voted Best Vodka Sauce by Family Circle Magazine.

My Review:
Bove's Vodka All Natural Pasta Sauce is a delicious way to take your cooking to the next level! The amount of flavor in this sauce is incredible! I love the touch of red pepper that pairs wonderfully with the other flavors. Bove's Vodka All Natural Pasta Sauce is a sauce I recommend everyone try. It's quickly become a favorite of mine and can take any ordinary dish and turn it into something wonderfully delectable!

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To view a collection of Bove's family recipes click HERE.

If you're ever in Vermont, be sure to visit Bove's Cafe for some wonderful traditional Italian food!

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A Family Tradition Since 1941

A cornerstone of Vermont dining, Bove's Café officially opened at 68 Pearl Street in Burlington on December 7, 1941. Louis and Victoria Bove opened the Café doors to the public after years hosting friends and neighbors from all over town who urged them to share their gift of making good food with the public. Rave reviews followed, and lines grew down the street – their premium-quality, affordable Italian cuisine quickly established Bove's as the place to eat in Vermont's Queen City.

Louis and Victoria’s son, Dick and his wife Josephine took over the café and became the second generation to carry on the Bove’s Cafe tradition. Dick worked logged long hours simmering the sauce, like his parents taught him, while Josephine worked at a local college and baked desserts for the restaurant.

Today, Dick and Josephine’s sons, Rick and Mark are part of the business and are the third generation to carry on the Bove tradition. Dick oversees the sauce making each day, while Rick runs the dining room and Mark oversees the kitchen each evening.

The restaurant's prestigious customer list includes the late President John F. Kennedy, U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy, Congressman Bernie Sanders, Governor Jim Douglas, John LeClair (Philadelphia Flyers), Mark Messier (The New York Rangers), various television and silver screen celebrities, and of course the long list of college alumni from the University of Vermont, St. Michael's College, Champlain College, Norwich University, and the late Trinity College.

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