Friday, September 4, 2015

Celebrate National Rehabilitation Awareness Week with ReSTART - a Way to Simplify the Rehabilitation Process

The recovery site was created by rehabilitation nurses who understand the special needs of people who experience a major injury, chronic illness, or disability. Using the ReSTART site, visitors can learn about what to expect when first beginning rehabilitation, how to make the most of participating in the rehabilitation journey, how to best manage transitions between facilities and healthcare settings, and common financial and legal concerns, such as insurance coverage and disability qualification questions.

The ReSTART site also features an easy to understand glossary, to help familiarize anyone with some of the most common terms used by rehabilitation healthcare staff. In addition, visitors will find links to helpful resources and support organizations, as well as rehabilitation care planning tools.

“In the Know”

Website provides helpful glossary of terms

and more to simplify rehabilitation process

One helpful feature that really makes the ReSTART website valuable is the easy to understand glossary of terms that it provides. We all know that interacting with healthcare staff can sometimes be frustrating, especially when you’re trying to understand confusing and intimidating words or terms. Thankfully, the new ReSTART online resource is available to clarify and to help visitors make the most of the rehabilitation process.

Click HERE to visit ReSTART today!

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