Thursday, September 24, 2015

Icebox Water Review & Giveaway!

All of us at Water Resources Group are dedicated to providing you, your family, friends, and yes, even your pets, refreshing, premium earth-friendly products that support your health and vitality as well as the earth’s.

With the concerns about the quality of tap water, plastics contaminating our environment and oceans, and yet knowing the necessity to hydrate daily, we developed Icebox Water for you as a safe, convenient and trusted solution.

We package our pure spring Icebox water at its source in Canada in our unique BPA free, pressed paper packaging that is 100% recyclable that fits in a school lunch, backpack, gym bag, or briefcase.

Try IceBox Water and feel confident and proud that you and the earth will Refresh Naturally

Water is one of the most vital necessities of life. Up to 60 % of an adult’s body weight and 74% of a newborn’s body weight is water, making it the largest single substance in the human body, per University Of Rochester Medical Center. Water carries nutrients to all the cells in your body. It carries waste away from the cells, helps digest your food, lubricates your joints, regulates body temperature and is integral to essential reactions in your body.

80% of the water you take in comes from what you drink, with the remaining from the food you eat. And how much do you need? Per the IOM (Institute of Medicine) the average woman should drink 9 cups a day and the average man 13 cups a day.

Knowing that tap water may not be safe, and concerned about the effects of plastic water bottles, which often deliver only filtered tap water, an innovative, trusted and convenient source is vital to your health.

Icebox Water provides you a healthier and safer spring water, bottled at the source in Canada from the True North Spring, far from any contaminants.

Icebox Water has a pH of 7.4 with TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of 68.0 that give it its delicious, refreshing taste. We ensure that we are sharing with you the cleanest, highest quality water by having our source and systems tested monthly by an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides standards development, product certification, auditing, education and risk management for your health as well as the environments.

My Review:
Icebox Water is a terrific way to stay hydrated! I absolutely love the flavor of Icebox Water! Water plays such a huge roll in keeping our bodies working properly. Icebox Water has an incredibly pure smooth taste, that you can taste upon your very first sip. This is literally the best water that I've ever tasted! I really like that this water comes from a region that's far from any contaminants making it truly pure and hydrating. 

To survive, our bodies must maintain a pH very close to 7.4, which is just on the alkaline side of neutral. If your body’s pH level varies too much it becomes difficult for various enzymes to function properly. Icebox Water has a pH of 7.4 which is the perfect level and will help to prevent your bodies pH level from becoming too acidic. The body’s pH balance strongly influences the risk for osteoporosis, muscle loss, fractures and kidney stone formation and possibly diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, thyroid problems, cancer and other conditions.When the body’s fluids become too acidic, minerals are pulled out of bones and tissues to compensate. 

I highly recommend Icebox Water! It's a great way to keep your pH levels balanced!

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  1. Spring water is my favorite. It's the only water I buy. I have never heard of this one. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Do they ship worldwide? There is too much acid in my system and because of my hernia it can be difficult to drink anything without bringing up acid.

    1. So sorry, that doesn't sound fun at all. Give them a call at 800.376.4006 and ask them. Online it only estimates shipping for the United States but it could definitely neutralize some of that acid so it might be worth looking into seeing if you can order some.

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