Friday, September 25, 2015

USpicy MACARON 36W Nail Dryer UV Lamp & Sleep Mask Review

USpicy® MACARON 36W Nail Dryer UV Lamp

This USpicy MACRON 36W Nail Dryer is your one-stop answer to the perfect DIY manicure or pedicure. 

The four LED tubes dry your nails instantly and beautifully. 

With the intelligent timer that automatically times each session, you're sure to get great results

Comes with a pair of UV gloves to protect your hands from UV rays

Use this portable manicure dryer to cure a heavy coat on a fancy manicure or a final touch to a delicate pedicure. 

With the USpicy nail dryer, you are one step closer to having your very own in home nail salon. 

Just plug in, press the button, and you are all set.

My Review:
The USpicy MACRON 36W Nail Dryer is the perfect nail dryer for all your at home manicures! USpicy MACRON Nail Dryer has four LED tubes the dry your nails instantly and leaves them looking like you just stepped out of the nail salon. I absolutely love the intelligent timer that automatically times each session, making your at home salon experience a little easier. I honeslty love this nail dryer and think it works fantastic. I highly recommend the USpicy MACRON 36W Nail Dryer!

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USpicy Sleep Mask with Ear Buds and Travel Pouch

Sleep and rest well with the velvet soft USpicy US-FS001 Sleep Mask - use it for an uninterrupted rest day or night. 

Whether you are sleeping through a long distance flight, or are taking a nap in the office between meetings, or just want to block out the morning sun, the sleep mask will block out the light so you can drift off. 

Shielding all the light from your eyes, the sleep mask is made for longer and better sleeps; its lightweight and silky touch won't bother you, instead it provides more comfort and peace. 

The ergonomic design is a perfect fit for any face shape; the wide elastic band is easily adjustable for a secure fit that won't fall off if you are an "active" sleeper. 

Special cupped design provides enough space for your eyes to wink and breath. 

If you always like to look your best, you can put your worries aside as the sleep mask has enough room so that your eye makeup never smudges. 

The travel pouch and high quality ear plugs complete your rest set. 

Store the sleep mask and ear plugs in the pouch for when you are on-the-go or during distance travel and would like a deep sleep without distraction.

My Review:
USpicy Sleep Mask with Ear Buds and Travel Pouch is the perfect way to get a little shuteye just about anywhere! I get frequent migraines so these are perfect for blocking out the painful light that torments all of us migraine sufferers. USpicy Sleep Mask with Ear Buds and Travel Pouch is perfect for travel because it makes sleeping just about anywhere a breeze! You can eliminate noise with the earbuds, block out the brightest of light and it comes in a convenient travel pouch. I love that this mask is form fitting and fits comfortably over your eyes. I highly recommend this USpicy Sleep Mask with Ear Buds and Travel Pouch! 

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