Tuesday, August 9, 2016

BearMoo Best Hair Straightening Brush Review

Straightening Quicker and Better
BearMoo Brush Hair Straightner uses American MCH speed-up heating technology, heat up to the maximum temperature 450℉within 30 seconds, Almost 3 times faster than traditional PTC heating technology

Effecting Hair Shinier and Smoother
BearMoo Straightening Brush built-in Double anion Launching port, release rich anion to 79 nano comb tooth and 158 heating panel, tightening the hair cuticle, and eliminate Static electricity

Maximizing Hair Contact
Unlike oval shaped brush, with the straight sides you can get right up to your scalp, and brush it all the way to the roots in one motion by covering much hair. 

Tangle-free wire Design
360 ROTATABLE WIRE JOINT to prevent wire twining and gives you a smooth experience every time.

Great Safety Guarantee
Obtaining FCC, CE, ROHS Certifications. Anti-scald design with heat insulation tips. 

Package Include: 
1X BearMoo Straining Brush
1X BearMoo Storage bag
1XBearMoo packing box

My Review:
BearMoo Best Hair Straightening Brush is an awesome time saver! I have extremely long hair right now due to being too busy to fit in a good visit to the salon. I also happen to have a slight wave to my hair so that's why I absolutely love this BearMoo Hair Straightening Brush. It quickly removed the slight wave in my hair while brushing it at the same time. The result is extremely straight hair that took just minutes to do. I've been waking in the morning and using this BearMoo Hair Straightening Brush and within minutes my hair is completely styled. Their were many days that I left the wave in my hair and didn't straighten it before having this BearMoo Hair Straightening Brush and my hair just looked frumpy. Not really the look I was going for but with 4 kids and little time it what it was. Now My hair looks good everyday and I can quickly get out the door in the mornings. I highly recommend this BearMoo Best Hair Straightening Brush!

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