Tuesday, August 30, 2016

KARMA® NUTS are Extraordinarily Delicious!

For over 80 years, we’ve had a passion for healthy living and are committed to bringing great tasting, high quality, and nutritious food to the world. We search the world for the finest quality cashews, and are constantly innovating and creating new products that you feel great eating and snacking!

“We put a great deal of passion into developing our proprietary method of processing our nuts and the end result is extraordinarily delicious, not to mention a smart snack choice.” 

Our exclusive and award-winning KARMA® Wrapped® Cashews are an achievement in snack food perfection. These unique nuts retain their natural skin, so they’re extra crunchy, toasty, tasty and full of nutrition.

"Air roasted" to keep them minimally processed and healthier compared to other cashews out there that are fried in oil.
Hint of sea salt for subtle flavor and to enhance the natural cashew nut flavor.
ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) values comparable to healthy berries such as blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

Our KARMA® Dry Roasted Cashews are a tasty snack gently toasted to perfection.

Here at KARMA, we take our roasting process very seriously. We use an "air roasting" technique and don't fry our nuts in oil, making them minimally processed and healthier compared to many of the other cashews out there.

Just a hint of sea salt is added to enhance their natural nutty flavor, which of course makes them extra tasty and delicious!

KARMA Dry Roasted Cashews are hard to resist and perfect for any occasion. 

Our premium KARMA® Jumbo Raw Cashews are all natural and full of nutrition. We don’t add anything to them, to preserve the integrity of how nature intended them to be.

Enjoy a savory handful of these delicious nuts or sprinkle them on your culinary delights. 

My Review:
KARMA® NUTS are Extraordinarily Delicious! I absolutely love cashews, in fact they're my all time favorite. KARMA® NUTS have to be some of the best tasting cashews around. I've never had wrapped cashews but these were so good and are definitely on my shopping list from now on. KARMA® NUTS Jumbo Raw Cashews are definitely jumbo and taste amazing. KARMA® Dry Roasted Cashews are also incredibly delicious and very hard to resist.

KARMA® NUTS taste incredibly fresh and are perfect for any snacking occasion!

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