Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ohuhu Kick Mats with Storage Organizer & Color Changing Led Night Light Lamp Review

Protect you Car, Truck, or SUV from dirt and mud stains that come from your children's dirty shoes and boots with this set of high quality kick mats

Constructed of waterproof PVC material, you can easily wipe dirt and mud stains on the mats with a wet towel or tissue. NO NEED TO WASH IT

Our seat protectors are easy to install in any Car, Suv, Truck, or Minivan. Simply slip the elastic strap over your driver and passenger seats. Wrap the nylon strap around the bars of your vehicle's headrest and adjust the slack to match your seats height or your child's car seat height. Clip allows you to remove the kick matt at any time for cleaning or use in other vehicles

Durable mesh pockets allow you to store toys, game consoles, sippy cups and more easily within reach. The mesh lining allows you to see everything in the pockets with one easy scan ensuring that no unsafe objects such a scissors or nail clippers have been tucked away

Universal fit for car, SUV, truck, or minivan

My Review:
These Ohuhu Kick Mats with Storage Organizer are definitely mom approved! As a mom of 4 I must say one of the must haves in every vehicle are kick mats. What I love most about these Ohuhu Kick Mats is that not only do they protect my seats but they provide me and the kiddos with some extra storage. I have a minivan and usually the kids end up throwing all their stuff on the floors and every time you step on the breaks it all goes rolling about. Using these Ohuhu Kick Mats with Storage Organizer my kids can store just about all their must haves for in the car and I can drive in peace. There's a couple different pockets to store things so everything has a place keeping my vehicle neat and tidy. My kids also love to put their feet on the seats so now my seats are protected from dirty muddy shoes. I highly recommend these Ohuhu Kick Mats with Storage Organizer!

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Removable hemispherical cover, dual use as an aurora projector or a colorful night light.
8 light projection modes, red, blue, green, and multicolor, choose what you want depend on your mood.

Built-in speaker, volume adjustable, you can plug in an iPod, iPhone, MP3 or other device and play lullaby music, relaxing, meditation music through the projector while watching the patterns at night.

Automatically shut off if there is no operation within one hour, you can go to sleep with it and it will shut down on it's own, really convenient in kids bedroom.

Project realistic aurora borealis and nebular light on ceiling or wall (as shown in the pictures on the left when the hemispherical cover is removed), create an enjoyable and relaxing bedtime experience for children, soothe and comfort kids to sleep, also perfect for adults to attain a relaxing, calming or romantic effect.

My Review:
Ohuhu Color Changing Led Night Light Lamp is a dream come true for kids and parents! Lately my kids have been fighting me at bedtime so when I put this Ohuhu Color Changing Led Night Light Lamp in their room I was pleasantly surprised that they were ready for bed. The first night I laid in bed with them and have to say the light show is quite relaxing. Within minutes both of my kiddos were asleep and I was more than ready for bed. The second night my kiddos went to bed all on their own while watching the light show. On the third night I plugged in my iPhone for some white noise and I'd have to say that night was probably the quickest my kids have ever fallen asleep. Even as an adult I would highly recommend this Ohuhu Color Changing Led Night Light Lamp to anyone who is having trouble sleeping. It one of the most relaxing things to watch and with a little added white noise you'll be sleeping like a baby! 

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  1. You should never say no to more storage space in the car. Especially if you're like me and you use the car for work. Better to have somewhere to stash all your odds and ends rather than having them fly around the cabin when you're driving!