Monday, August 22, 2016

EyeVac Home Makes Keeping a Clean Home a Breeze!

Cleaning up around your home just got easier

EyeVac Home is perfect for the kitchen, den, dining room, mud room, work shop, dorm or any room with a hard floor. EyeVac Home stands up to tough challenges including pet hair, litter, dirt, mud, dust and more. And best of all, anyone that uses a broom can use an EyeVac.

Quicker, convenient technology
Always on & always ready infrared sensors activate Eye-Vac automatically!

Clean floors so you can breathe easy
Cyclonic Vacuum with HEPA filtration provides a clean floor & clean air so you can breathe easy.

Sleek, Compact Design
Eye-Vac fits in seamlessly into your surrounding so you can clean with ease!

Pet hair and dust disappears fast
1000 Watt motor removes 100% of dust, hair, and debris instantly, so you can enjoy clean floors.

My Review:
EyeVac Home makes keeping a clean home a breeze! As a mom of 4 kids we have crumbs, hair and tiny pieces of other miscellaneous stuff just about everywhere on our floors. I also have 2 cats who are doing some pretty extreme shedding right now so pet hair is everywhere. I've been using EyeVac for a little over a week and I'm completely blown away at how much this little machine has helped to keep my home clean. 

I've divided up the chores around the house and my 8 year old gets floors. She's still learning so she's not perfect at it but honestly neither am I. To be honest I'm terrible and sweeping the floor and always have been. My daughter used to put her foot in the dust pan to hold it while sweeping dirt into. Not only did this not work very well but she would sweep dirt all over her foot. When I set up the EyeVac my kids all wanted a turn sweeping the floor. Not only does the EyeVac suck up all the crumbs, pet hair and other small miscellaneous stuff on my floors but those hairs that used to get stuck on the end of the broom get sucked up too. My kids all love to use the EyeVac and now my floors are getting swept constantly. After every meal its so easy to simply sweep the crumbs over to the EyeVac and have them sucked up. 

The EyeVac would be perfect for just about anyone but especially those with back problems who have a hard time using a dust pan. Honestly using a dust pan is my least favorite part of sweeping because I can never get all the dirt up off the floor so something always gets left behind. I've also noticed a huge decrease in pet hair around the house and give the credit to EyeVac because now the pet hair is being sucked up and has less chance of floating off only to get onto something else. EyeVac is amazing and I highly recommend it!

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