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IFME Footwear for Babies and Kids Support Healthy Foot Development!

IFME was launched in 1999 as the original brand of Marubeni Footwear. With a priority on the healthy development of children’s feet, the brand was developed based on research and development with Japanese based medical professionals specializing in children’s feet. Since 2009 IFME had sold a total of 16 million pairs of shoes globally. IFME now boasts an extensive network of 1,800 stores in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan and is launching in the U.S. in spring, 2016.

The name IFME, short for “IF it was ME,” reflects the brand’s deep commitment to customer satisfaction. This attitude is upheld throughout all aspects of production and distribution. The brand concept – making shoes that support the healthy development of children’s feet – remains at the heart of IFME.

Reasons for IFME 's popularity:

Product development is backed by cutting-edge sports medicine
IFME works directly with Dr. Torii, professor at Waseda University’s division of Sports Sciences, as part of an academic-industrial alliance. As a result, IFME offers unique features and design elements that support the foot’s movement and help muscles exert their full potential.

Reasonable pricing
Children’s feet grow so fast that parents find themselves buying shoes all the time. The IFME brand is backed by Marubeni Footwear, which has vast experience in producing shoes from start to finish for well-known shoe brands. By utilizing quality resources Marubeni is able to produce an affordable shoe. 

Washable/Functional/Removable Insole
Studies show an increasing number of children suffer from flat feet. To promote correct foot position and posture, IFME has developed a unique functional insole that allows the toes to splay and advances healthy arch development.

MOFF Technology
IFME shoes also utilize a unique technology called MOFF, or “Marvelous Odor Free Fiber.” This is a natural cotton-based deodorizing fiber mechanically treated by superior nanotechnology. MOFF absorbs 150 times as much ammonia odor as activated charcoal at 20 times the speed.


sizes (4.5-7)
Barefoot-like comfort

Light and flexible

Easy on & off “Hook and Loop” closures

IFME washable/functional/ removable insoles

Healthy arch support

MOFF Technology = Marvelous Odor Free Fiber

Size: US 8-1- Whole & half sizes except 12.5 & 13.5

Barefoot-like comfort

Light and flexible

Easy on & off “Hook and Loop” closures

IFME washable/functional/ removable insoles

Healthy arch support

MOFF Technology = Marvelous Odor Free Fiber

My Review:
IFME footwear for babies and kids support healthy development of children’s feet! I swear my kids are some of the pickiest kids around when it comes to shoes. Usually they complain about the shoes being too tight because all 4 of my kids seem to have wide feet. With both the IFME Runner and Ace as soon as I slipped them on I sort of held my breath waiting for my kids to start complaining but nothing. My son actually ran around trying to jump and my daughter said they felt amazing because they didn't squeeze her feet. Finding my one year old shoes has been quite the battle. We visited many stores trying to find him shoes that not only fit his wide foot but also had enough room for the top of his foot because he seems to have quite a bit of baby fat on the top of his foot. Most shoes wouldn't even fit on his foot but the IFME Ace slipped right on. 

IFME shoes are extremely light weight and have a really good arch support. I also really like the MOFF Technology that IFME offers because the Marvelous Odor Free Fiber keeps my kids shoes from smelling. My kids are much like me and they don't like to wear socks but when they do that with their shoes the shoes become smelly pretty quickly. With these IFME shoes I haven't noticed any bad smells and my kids wear them all the time without socks. However, if they do become a little smelly or dirty inside the insoles are removable and washable. IFME shoes are incredible!

As a runner I know how important it is to have a good pair of shoes, but for kids I would say it's even more important. Having a good pair of shoes like these shoes from IFME can support healthy foot development allowing children's feet to grow properly. I remember being a kid and wearing shoes that didn't fit right and let me tell you I have some feet issues today. I cannot say for sure that that's what caused it but I can tell you that I firmly believe in purchasing shoes that support healthy foot development. 

IFME shoes are amazingly awesome and I highly recommend them!

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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