Thursday, August 11, 2016

Create the Perfect Curl with Curlformers!

We invented Curlformers for one reason—to create the perfect curl.

Curlformers is the world’s only patented, heat-free, salon-quality hair curler. Perfect for all ages and all hair types, wigs, and weaves, you can create gorgeous easy, smooth, and healthy curls every time. Best of all Curlformers never causes heat damage, on any type of hair—we guarantee it.

In pursuit of the perfect curl

We test every product we put our name on so that Curlformers customers worldwide can trust in getting the safest and best quality hair curler in the world. From loose waves to va va volume, Curlformers will help you achieve the look you desire. Curlformers makes every day a great hair day.

No compromise. No damage. No disappointment.

Once we got the word out, something amazing began to happen, woman and girls from all over the world, with every type of hair discovered that once they had mastered Curlformers, they mastered the curl.

Our worldwide availability is increasing and with it a new found confidence in Curlformers continues to grow for both our customers and our online community. They are taking the lead and showing through social media just how easy it is to get salon quality curls at home. We never thought when we created Curlformers that we’d create a movement.

The stylist’s choice

Stylists love Curlformers. They are perfect to offer clients a luxury in-salon experience that creates fabulous damage-free, longer-lasting, heat-free curls, on any kind of hair, for every occasion.

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For hair up to 22" / 55cm

If you have hair up to 22″ or 55 cm, the Spiral Curls Extra Long Styling Kit is everything you need to easily create glossy, smooth, defined, healthy curls every time.

Perfect for all ages and all hair types, wigs and weaves. Best of all, Curlformers will never cause heat damage—we guarantee it.

Packed in a easy-to-carry holdall, take Curlformers anywhere to create amazing curls-on-the-go. Each kit includes 40 Extra Long & Wide Curlformers in 2 different colours: 20 pink for clockwise curls and 20 orange for anti-clockwise curls.

Styling Kit for Extra Long Spiral Curls Contains:
40 Extra Long and Wide Curlformers
Easy-To-Carry Holdall
2 Styling Hooks
Application Instructions

Genuine Curlformers by HairFlair successfully conform to USA Regulations and EU REACH Regulations on plastics and heavy metals. Does not contain Latex.

The Deluxe SoftHood hair dryer attachment is a fast and easy way to dry your hair when using Curlformers. Best of all, it will never cause heat damage—we guarantee it.

Our patented, design features for optimum performance include larger hood capacity and maximum ventilation for faster and even heat distribution and It’s easy to use with an adjustable chin strap and drawstring.

The SoftHood can even be used to process a conditioning treatment. Just apply to damp hair, cover with treatment cap, and place the SoftHood over the top. Switch on the dryer to a comfortable setting and leave according to manufacturer’s instructions before rinsing and styling. It’s that simple!

The Deluxe SoftHood is a great addition to every Curlformers experience.

Our Deluxe Softhood fits hair dryers with a nozzle diameter of up to 5.5 cm or 2.2 inches.


My Review:
Curlformers are my new favorite way to curl both mine and my daughters hair! I have three girls and of course they all want me to do their hair and while I enjoy doing it, it takes forever with a curling iron and even as careful as I am they still get burned here and there. With Curlformers there's no need to use heat, I simple slip them on when my daughters hair is either damp or wet and let it air dry or use the Curlformers Deluxe Softhood which they love to use. The curls come out flawless every time and they seem to stay in even when I don't use hairspray or gel. The picture about is my 3 year old's hair and there's no way I could have achieved those curls on her with a traditional curling iron. She doesn't seem to sit still long enough to get through her hair with a traditional curling iron but even with all her running around the Curlformers stay in her hair and her curls come out perfect. 

Now as for my hair.... It's extremely long right now and as a mom of 4 I rarely get time to do my hair anymore but with Curlformers I've been able to look like I spend much longer on my hair than I do. I can put them in at night after I shower and in the morning I have gorgeous curls. Or, I simply put them in while my hair is damp, use the Delux Softhood and withing minutes I'm ready to go. My husband is amazed at how quickly I've been able to get ready. I absolutely love Curlformers and so does my hair. Even in just a couple of weeks my hairs health looks so much better now that I'm not using heat to style my hair. 

Curlformers are amazing and I highly recommend them! 

I mean just look at those curls in the picture above! 

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Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

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