Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Brigitte's Naturally Superfood Green Smoothie 5-Day Cleanse is Amazing!


The easiest way to keep up your healthy greens consumption!


Choose from Three Unique Blends: Tropical Joy, Tropical Protein, Love Beets All, or Mix Them.

Orders in California are overnighted fresh.

All other 49 states ship 2-day priority USPS mail frozen to preserve the freshness and nutrients.

Packed with 100% real whole fruit, kale, chia seeds, and green veggies, our low sugar, organic green smoothies are delivered straight to your door.

Choose between our original tropical flavor or our superfood protein enhanced tropical flavor, or choose 5 of each!

Each meal replacement smoothie gives you a mega-dose of nutrients, omega 3's, vegan protein and 8g of fiber.

Six, delicious 16-oz KALE POWER Meals, Easy Cleansing Instructions.

Eight, 16oz bottles delivered to your door.

My Review:
Brigitte's Naturally Superfood Green Smoothie 5-Day Cleanse is Amazing! I love juicing cleanses but often that just isn't enough to get me through the day which is why Brigitte's Naturally Superfood Green Smoothies are amazing. They're smoothies so they contain fiber to help fill you up all while cleansing your system. I'm also a huge fan of smoothies but they're often incredibly sweet but this is not the case with Brigitte's Naturally Superfood Green Smoothies. Brigitte's Naturally Superfood Green Smoothies contain the perfect amount of sweetness from 100% real fruit. 

I just sold my house and have been packing like crazy and normally would be so exhausted from all the work and late nights I've been pulling. However, I have tons of energy and feel totally refreshed from my 5 day cleanse with Brigitte's Naturally. After about day 3 I felt amazing and have been getting so much done. I honestly think I'm ahead of this whole moving thing thanks to all the energy I've gotten from Brigitte's Naturally Superfood Green Smoothies. 

If you're looking for a way to refresh and cleanse your body of toxins then look no further! Brigitte's Naturally Superfood Green Smoothies are terrific and I highly recommend them!

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