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Get the Cleaning Power You Need with Kärcher's K2000 Electric Pressure Washer & Accessories! #FATHERSDAY

Kärcher – global provider of cleaning technology
The family-owned company, Kärcher is today the world's leading provider of efficient, resource-conserving cleaning systems. Kärcher makes a difference through top performance, innovation and quality.

Design prizes and patents
Kärcher's cleaning equipment combines functionality, user-friendliness and sophisticated design. Its competitive edge is forged by its innovation and drive to achieve better solutions and is proven by its patents and awards from renowned institutions. Kärcher currently holds more than 1,300 patents and utility models — a true testament to the company's ingenuity and innovative prowess.

In-house research and development for cleaning solutions
Kärcher is constantly striving to achieve the best solution to every cleaning task. This is why we develop powerful systems made up of perfectly matched cleaning machines, accessories and cleaning agents. In order to best meet the needs and preferences of our customers, we are in constant discussion with both private and professional operators. The insights that we gain from this have a direct influence on the development of new products. This means that we can ensure that each new innovation not only meets the requirements of increasingly complex cleaning tasks, but that it makes work as easy and straightforward as possible for operators.

The all-new K2000 was developed to offer best-in-class cleaning performance and unparalleled ease of use. This electric pressure washer delivers 2000 PSI of TruPressure™, ensuring you get the highest level of cleaning power, and is driven by a rugged induction motor. It includes convenience features such as an unique on/off foot switch, a pressurized hose reel, a handy storage bin, two removable half-gallon detergent tanks and four spray nozzles (including a turbo nozzle for intense cleaning). Metal hose connections, oversized no-flat wheels and an integrated aluminum frame make this unit highly durable. Universal quick-connect nozzles and standard M22 hose connections simplify nozzle and accessory usage. Best of all, no tools are needed for assembly – you can set up and start using the K2000 in five minutes or less! When you're done cleaning, simply fold down the handle for compact storage. Backed by a three year limited warranty, the K2000 is Kärcher's top-of-the-range consumer electric pressure washer and the ideal outdoor cleaning companion for demanding homeowners.

Made with super soft synthetic bristles, this brush attaches to your pressure washer to help you safely clean painted, topcoat and delicate surfaces.

Our 11" surface cleaner works in tandem with your electric pressure washer (up to 2000 PSI) to quickly deliver professional level cleaning without splash back. It cleans an area 11" wide with two spinning nozzles instead of one, reducing your cleaning time, and eliminates streaks by keeping the nozzles at a fixed height from the surface. Also cleans vertical surfaces including garage doors and home siding. Quick Connect for compatibility with a wide range of electric pressure washers. Get pro cleaning results with the help of the 11" surface cleaner!

For over 30 years, Kärcher has placed huge importance on environmental considerations and resource conservation in the development and production of its cleaning agents and care agents and its choice of raw materials that go into them. The cleaning agents, which are specifically designed for the devices, not only guarantee optimum cleaning results but also save water, time and energy. Our detergents are environmentally-friendly and biodegradable.

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My Review:
Get the cleaning power you need with Kärcher's K2000 Electric Pressure Washer & accessories! I'll be completely honest and tell you guys that I've never owned a pressure washer before so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Years ago I actually owned a cleaning business and still love cleaning to this day. There's just something about making something dirty look new again that I love. I usually stick to cleaning indoors but now with the Kärcher's K2000 Electric Pressure Washer & accessories I can take my cleaning addiction outdoors!

 Kärcher's K2000 Electric Pressure Washer delivers 2000 PSI of TruPressure™ to ensure you have the cleaning power you need to get the job done. I love the convenient features of the K2000 such as the unique on/off foot switch, a pressurized hose reel, a handy storage bin, two removable half-gallon detergent tanks and four spray nozzles. Another thing I also really like is the oversized no-flat wheels because I hate fixing flats. Kärcher's K2000 Electric Pressure Washer also comes with an impressive three year limited warranty. I found the K2000 extremely easy to use even for a complete beginner such as myself. I was blown away right away with the cleaning power of the K2000! It literally washed away years and years of dirt. Kärcher's K2000 Electric Pressure Washer is an impressive machine and I highly recommend it!

Kärcher's Universal Soft Bristle Wash Brush is perfect for cleaning painted, topcoat and delicate surfaces. I found this brush extremely helpful for washing my minivan that probably hasn't had a good washing in at least a year. It cleaned off every speck of dirt, even the melted crayon that was left behind on the hood of the van.

Kärcher's 11" surface cleaner did an amazing job at cleaning my parents driveway and I love that there was no splash back! My parents have lived in their home for about 16 years so as you can imagine their driveway had collected a lot of dirt in that time. The 11" surface cleaner scrubbed every inch clean with ease and the driveway looked like brand new when we were finished. 

Kärcher's K2000 Electric Pressure Washer & accessories are the perfect tools you need to spruce up your curb appeal and I highly recommend them!

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