Monday, June 26, 2017

ZonePerfect's Kidz Nutrition Bars Make the Perfect on the Go Snack For Kids!

Live the Life You Love, And Nourish It with ZonePerfect!
You’re out there, you’re going for it, and you’re embracing every single second. So to help you live the life you love, our expert nutritionists balance real goodness with the delicious flavors you’ve come to crave from ZonePerfect, like rich fudge and decadent caramel. Because everyday adventures await and we give you exactly what you need to always be at your best. Life, let’s do this. 

We believe a nutrition bar can be more than a nutrition bar. With the right amount of creativity – protein, vitamins and minerals can be harmoniously combined with amazingly great taste in a way that was once thought impossible. Suddenly a nutrition bar is something else. Something you can’t wait to eat.

It’s always cupcake time! This sweet and satisfying little snack is as nutritious as it is tasty. Rich. Chocolately. Totally snag-worthy. We recommend keeping at least one for yourself.

Did someone say sugar cookie? (We did!) Treat your little one (or yourself) to a sweet little snack you can put in their pocket. It’s as nutritious as it is delicious

You demanded we bring back this favorite of adults and kids alike, and we listened. It’s the cake that fits in your pocket! So when your little one (or you?) gets a little hangry, you can squash it right then and there.

My Review:
ZonePerfect's Kidz Nutrition Bars make the perfect on the go snack for kids! Now that summer is here, you'd think we'd slow down a bit but I often find us running around more and more. Whether we're headed to Grandma's house for a day of swimming, out for ice cream or just a drive around town my kids always seem to be hungry. ZonePerfect's Kidz Nutrition Bars are the perfect snack to keep in the diaper bag, car or purse for a quick and nutrition snack for kids. My kids absolutely love the flavors, as do I! They're super delicious and seem to be devoured in mere seconds, yet they keep my kids satisfied and are a sure way to prevent those hangry melt downs that kids love to have. The heat here in Arizona only seems to add fuel to the hangry meltdowns which is why I will always have these ZonePerfect's Kidz Nutrition Bars on hand to save the day!

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