Thursday, June 29, 2017

Stay Healthy with VAVA's Cordless Oral Irrigator & Aromatherapy Diffuser!

At VAVA, we deliver the ultimate listening experience through sound that moves you, surrounds you, and propels you forward. We believe that everyone has a right to express, to share, and to be heard, and are obsessed with designing audio products that empower you to share your passion. 

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Removes 99% Of All Plaque: Plaque causes tooth decay, gum bleeding, and bad breath; get rid of 99% of plaque with our oral irrigator and enjoy healthier gums and teeth

For The Whole Family: The oral irrigator set comes with 3 jet tips – one for mom, dad and you - and a practical and durable travel pouch for impeccable oral hygiene on the go

3 Cleanning Modes: Different modes provide different levels of comfort, making our product suitable for all gum types; experience the future of flossing

Better Teeth in One Week: Prevent cavities, periodontitis, bad breath and get whiter teeth thanks to precise water flossing technology that cleans and freshens your whole mouth

IPX7 Waterproof: Take your whole oral hygiene into the shower with you and make your morning routine super-efficient; brush and floss under the soothing stream of your shower

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Retro Design with Candle Lighting: Personalized aromatherapy housed in a retro case with a diamond design and a soft flickering candle light

14 Hours of Soft Fragrances: Large 500 mL capacity allows you to breathe in soothing air for up to 14 hours

BPA-Free & Safe PP Build: The PP construction is also BPA-free meaning it doesn't contain hazardous materials like other plastics so you can enjoy the diffuser without health concerns

7 Dazzling Colors: Seamlessly browse 7 delicate, pleasant colors that match all moods and occasions

Easy To Use Modern Operation: With a side power port so you can plug in without spilling water, touch sensitive controls, and a quiet ultrasonic operation, the diffuser belongs wherever you want to relax

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My Review:
Stay healthy with VAVA's Cordless Oral Irrigator & Aromatherapy Diffuser! 

VAVA's Cordless Oral Irrigator is the perfect way to keep teeth clean and healthy. I absolutely love that the oral irrigator comes with 3 jet tips so up to three people can use the oral irrigator. I also love that VAVA's Cordless Oral Irrigator has 3 cleaning modes so I can select the one that's most comfortable for me. My daughter recently got braces and she's been having a really hard time keeping them clean. She's been using VAVA's Cordless Oral Irrigator for about a week now and it really helps to keep all the gunk off her braces. It's perfect for those with and without braces!

VAVA's Aromatherapy Diffuser is perfect for those with allergies like me! I love how easy it was to set up and that I can use my essential oils with it to immediately freshen the room. I also love that it's large enough to run all night and even works as a night light. It's also BPA free which is a huge plus in my book. My kids love that it changes colors and keeps the room lit up at night. VAVA's Aromatherapy Diffuser is the perfect way to soothe allergies and breathe easier at night!

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