Friday, June 16, 2017

Winner of ABC's The Toy Box, Artsplash™ 3D Liquid Art by Mattel is Now Available at Toys'R'Us!

Creating the Future of Play - Since the beginning, Mattel has taken an innovative and visionary approach to advancing play for children around the world. Our founders, Ruth and Elliot Handler; Herman Fisher and Irving Price, namesakes of Fisher-Price; Pleasant Rowland, founder of American Girl; and Reverend W.V. Awdry, creator of Thomas & Friends, all had one thing in common: they were creating the future of play long before we had the words to describe it. We are proud to continue their legacy today …

Artsplash™ lets you create colorful, 3D art with WATER! Use the color dyes to mix any combination of colors you want, then use the Aquapen to place the colored water onto any of 6 different Artsheet designs—the only limit is your imagination! And when you’re finished, just wipe the Artsheet clean and start again!

Set includes everything you need to create 6 different art sheet designs.
Just wipe clean to create something new.
Winner of ABC's The Toy Box
Available only at Toys'R'Us!

My Review:
Winner of ABC's The Toy Box, Artsplash 3D Liquid Art by Mattel is now available at Toys'R'Us! My family and I watched ABC's The Toy Box and I have to say the Artsplash 3D Liquid Art was by far our favorite. Knowing my kids love for playing with water I knew they'd absolutely love Artsplash 3D Liquid Art by Mattel and boy was I right. They have spent hours playing with the Artsplash 3D Liquid Art and absolutely love using the Aquapen to place the colored water onto the Artsheets. As a mom I love that the Artsheets simply wipe clean so they can be reused and they're's very little mess. My kids also love that they can use the color dyes to mix up any colors they desire. ABC's The Toy Box, Artsplash 3D Liquid Art by Mattel is an absolute blast and would make the perfect gift for kids!

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